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I don't own an iPad so you will have to answer this for me, are the $10 games really as long, and as complex, and as higher quality as the console games? That demo of Real Racing 2 looks very nice for a portable game, but it doesn't look anywhere as nice as GT 5. And the likes of "Contract Killer", is it to the same level as Call of Duty? These games look more like the level of the PSN minis that the LBP, Drakes Fortune etc type games. But if that is what people want, that...
You are making some wild assumptions. The biggest being that all owners of iOS devices purchase gamesEDIT: Don't forget, the PS3 is running the same hardware for full life of the console, the same with the X-Box 360 and Wii etc, a game from the release date will play on the final model, just like a game released for a PS2 today will play on a 10 year old one model. The iOS devices change each year, and they developers will target the newer ones, so you can't compare...
Except they have been building phones for how long now? Or are you making a comment over something you have no idea about?
Can they?
No, like usual you are ignoring the facts and sprouting bollocks again. Apple cannot make a phone with using technologies developed by several companies, one of which is Nokia.
Really? You started looking for flash for Android before an Android phone was even released? Strange concept...
Do you mean this?https://market.android.com/details?i...=search_result
Yet you can go to the Android marketplace and download flash for supported Android devices now, so what exactly were you trying to say?
Which is no different that the spec of DP. But in saying that, you still are having issues with the original statement that was made ""You do know that a DisplayPort is better.. it even can even run higher resolutions than HDMI is capable of." HDMI is capable of DP resolutions, regardless of what consumer electronic devices currently support it, HDMI is still capable of it. "My beloved spec", like I said, are you 12. What type of bull are you trying to say? The spec...
Who said anything about HDTVs???The OP claim was..."You do know that a DisplayPort is better.. it even can even run higher resolutions than HDMI is capable of."The HDMI spec allows for much higher resolutions than HDTVs run at, just like the DP spec allows for much higher resolutions than cinema displays run at. Using your logic, why don't DP run higher resolutions on a cinema display?And what's with the trolling comment, are you 12?Excellent, it isn't one, it is two.
New Posts  All Forums: