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No I am not arguing that, in fact you couldn't be further from the truth in regard to what I am saying.
oh course not, why would you even mention them as they are two very different devices, that would be like comparing a Ford Focus to a BMW M5. You would need to compare their similar models.
May I ask why it is bad when Sony puts DRM in their products, but it isn't bad when Apple does it?
You are the typical AI idiot, you are welcome to your thoughts, I can only conclude two things from your postings, either you are about to hit your teenage years, or your family should let you go into that nursing home (since you can't remember the Star or Alto, I can't tell if you are demented (look I can do that to), or a teenager). Please remember that you can go back through these threads and prove you are an idiot. Oh, and I see you finish this off the typical AI...
What consumer cares about ASP? Like I said, there are two viewpoints.
Yeah I do. If you are willing to pay the price, then fine I don't care about that. Personally I look at a number of factors before purchasing things, obviously you don't share the same thoughts when it comes to purchasing items. But getting back to where I was going, from a consumers view, if one company is selling x units, and making y, and another is selling less than x, and making more than y, then it is pretty obvious is making a lot more money per unit than the...
Are you being serious with this comment? If someone sells less units, but makes more money, then from a consumers point of view you are being overcharged for the item. From the shareholders point of view they are doing a great job. Two different perspectives of the same result.
Because the iPhone that took off in Europe isn't the one that was commented on. It has evolved since then, different hardware, different OS, it isn't the same phone.
What constant obsession with tabloid gossip? I mentioned one article as a reference to prove you wrong. If that is an obsession you have a serious issues you need to have looked into. As for the other stuff, look back through the thread, it is a simple thing to do, if you can't remember the reference to what you are replying to, then maybe it is time for you to stop replying. And you are confusing the Alto with the Star, something you seem to do quite a bit...
wtf are you talking about? If you have a point to this dribble then please make it, the constant lies, and made up information doesn't hold much hope for you.
New Posts  All Forums: