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Does it? Nothing on this site is about shipping products? Wow, you must not come here much, I mean, after all we are talking about the CDMA iPhone, which I understood was available for sale. But in saying that, why does an Australian care about an American only magazine talking about an American only released product?
You're an Australian, living in Australia, they are commenting on a product that is only available in the USA, what does it matter to you?
What do you mean by pure digital? My Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs are all digitalMay I ask how you store your downloads now? Are they not on a physical media of some kind?
Isn't this just counting the apps sold through an app store? it is missing all the corporate developed apps etc which make up the $9 billion mobile app market
No, like Ireland
Apple also uses low tax countrys to pay less tax, what is your point?
I thought the purpose of GUI guidelines were so the user had a consistant experience across applications, or would you rather them design something that looked strange in OSX?
You only included the image after I pointed out your original mistake.
Yes I did say that, I didn't deny that. Intel can have every intention they want to sell a cellphone based processor, they have to be able to make them first.
And you would still be trying to mislead people. like I said, what is your issue with numbers?
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