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Only if they give it a 50% price discount as well
It doesn't matter what my native language is, it appears to be you having trouble with English.
If you had read the entire thread you would have noticed that I was replying to someone else, so your comment should be directed to them.
No it isn't, saying every Mac would imply preexisting ones, which they clearly don't
You are an idiot, you can clearly shown this over and over again. Once again the moderators will ignore your constant insults of others, they have shown again that like you, they are only interesting in saying everything that Apple does is wonder, and anyone else is terrible. Get help with your condition, contact your local medical facility to ask for help. And while you are at it, how about using your real name rather than cowardly hiding behind a fake name.
No, a counterfeit item is much different to this case. A counterfeit item looks the same, has the same branding. An iPad and the Tab look similar, they certainly don't look the same (much like a Toyota Yaris, and a Hyundia Getz look similar), and they don't have the same branding. There is no way you can apply counterfeiting rules to this. You may as well say that people are too stupid to be purchasing products and must be protected from their own stupidity. If you are...
Not every Mac, it is only available on new Macs
they aren't selling a counterfeit item, the ones I have seen in the shop have the samsung logo on the back, that alone means they are not counterfeit
ok, so I will ask you again, when did they become the worlds largest company? Market size $ <> largest company $
When did they become the world's largest company? I thought they became the public company with the largest market cap?
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