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Yes, they are world wide, unless you happen to go to one of the 180 odd countries that don't have an Apple store in them.
You have a very small definition of world wide then, 11 countries is world wide to you? Around the world maybe, world wide, not quite...
World wide? They have stores in 11 countries (with 72% in the US), I don't think that really equates to world wide.
I imagine Sony would have known about it, they would have given Vodafone a discount on the devices they are giving away (the fake theft is part of a competition). Most of what you read about it is people abusing Vodafone for the way they made the initial claim, and the fact they are carrying on with the compeition
Did they? All the reports refer to VodafoneNZ, not Sony. Even the page you linked to says it was Vodafone that made it up
That's what I was going to say, I've never had to do any of what he claims with my Canon, but the Epson needs constant work to get it to print
Ha ha ha, you said good games from EA, and made a claim the they are top publisher. EA are the last place I would look to get a good game
Please elaborate
The iPhone is not a portable gaming device, it is a smartphone that allows you to play games.
ok melgross, I hope you have that keyboard warmed up. Joindup, if I go to the apple site, I see three phones listed, since Apple doesn't split sales by model, which one is the seller?
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