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That's funny, because the copy of Windows 7 I got came with a DVD
What about the negative effect on the environment in producing all the electricity needed for the download method?
The reason they were hacked is because there are a lot of tossers in the world. The amount of people that purchased the PS3 to install Linux is very small, next to nothing. If these people wanted to continue running Linux on it, they had the option, the didn't have to install the update which got rid of it. The Other OS feature wasn't advertised as a big feature, in fact due to the large number of extra features they provided us over the years it didn't worry me one bit...
Plus NZ$1700 flight, plus accommodation....No thanks
Talk to my local provider? The price of the iPhone is set by Apple, Apple can do everything about it, these prices are apple.co.nz iPhone 3GS NZ$919 iPhone 4 16GB NZ$1123 iPhone 4 32GB NZ$1328
You still seem to be confused with the subsidised pricing. The iPhone 3GS sells for NZ$919, which is US$750. That is not much different to the iPhone 4 pricing, and significantly more expensive than some of cheaper Android phones the poster was probably referring to.
TDM would be handy except Apple decided they didn't want some people to run it ( no firewire ports on some macbooks) And do you use carbon cloner to install an image of one Mac on another model?
Except when you have several Macs and don't want to download a separate copy for each one
So, it is okay to say something wrong, as long as you do it on a web forum?
I believe he is. Extending throughout? Involving the entire world? Exactly. I would agree with his point, if he was willing to ignore the 95% of the world that doesn't have an Apple store (Geography mustn't be his top subject in primary school). He would try and argue that green was blue to try and counter anything I say.
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