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No, like Ireland
Apple also uses low tax countrys to pay less tax, what is your point?
I thought the purpose of GUI guidelines were so the user had a consistant experience across applications, or would you rather them design something that looked strange in OSX?
You only included the image after I pointed out your original mistake.
Yes I did say that, I didn't deny that. Intel can have every intention they want to sell a cellphone based processor, they have to be able to make them first.
And you would still be trying to mislead people. like I said, what is your issue with numbers?
From an article in Reuters:"Nokia has been left in the dust by high-end competitors such as Apple and Google and is now also suffering a drop in sales of its stronghold of traditional phones as Chinese manufacturers muscle in to take advantage of the growing market."link:http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/...70Q2ON20110127
That's not what I said and you know it. Intel may have had the intention, but they don't have a chip, and won't have a chip for years to come that will go in a cellphone
Excellent, it is good to see you finally admit you were wrong.
It is simply, you claimed Nokia was spending some $4 billion on software R&D alone. I said, and provided proof, no, you are wrong, that figure also includes NSN.It is simple, the figure you provided was wrong. Even the chart you provided proved you were wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: