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It isn't unsustainable for them.But cutting out the middle man also cuts out tax collection. With a pure internet sales method all of the sales money is going overseas, nothing is staying in the local country, nothing at all. That is unsustainable.
What about the ReadyNAS? What does Apple make to compete with this?
ok, let's see, from my sample of one (me), I have an android phone. * I am on Vodafone NZ (the iPhone carrier) * I choose to purchase this phone, I didn't purchase it to benefit anyone but myself (actually it was sold by a different carrier, unlocked phones are nice) * I own several Macs, and iPods etc. So you were wrong on all three counts. What about a forth option, something like, * can't justify spending the extra NZ$1000 the 32GB iPhone 4 would have cost.
At the expense of local business owners, and local tax collection.No they aren't, the new releases of major games on PSN are matching the physical copy price, plus with the download I have to pay the bandwith cost to download it.Don't limit yourself to physical stores, you also are able to purchase phyiscal games from online sales places.
True, I wish they had DVD player firmware updates, I have owned a couple that could have benefitted from them
Toy Story 3 played on all my Blu-ray players, including the one that hasn't had a firmware update applied in a very long time. Maybe you have a crappy player, what brand was it?
Actually I down the physical disk that the Star Wars movie has been pressed onto, I also own all the discs that my PS1, PS2, and PS3 games came on, I can resell these as I see fit, according to local laws.Just like a real estate agent doesn't share the second hand house profit with the original building, like a second hand picture profit doesn't get shared with the original artist, this is the same with all second hand purchases. It is a risk of business.See above, if...
Exactly, and second hand house sales is killing new house builders, it is just theft. And second hand car sales are killing new car sales, another theft. It is a consumers right to resell their property.
I've watched lots of movies on my PSP, none via UMD, I've listened to music from it, and it plays awesome games. Have you actually used one before?That's weird, I have downloaded PSP games from the PSN store, and I only have a PSP-2000, I'm fairly sure you have never even touched a PSP.
has he turned the phone on yet? One of the initial setup options of an Andriod phone is to attach it to your google account
New Posts  All Forums: