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Not sure what you are getting at there. All you have done is compare two inputs on different devices, you can't take the input from one device and plug it into the input of another, it doesn't make any sense. But in saying that, HDMI is capable of both the cinema display resolutions you listed.What is the number? One is a suprising number
And what are you going to display this "higher resolution" on? HDMI and DP will more or less display the same resolution. Also how many of these $15 adapters support audio over DP?
You're not purchasing it from the US, you are purchasing it from Aussie. If you want to purchase it from the US get some iTunes gift cards, or a US credit card. But apart from that, this is just another example of how digitial distribution is over priced.
Except Samsung and Apple have technically been competitors prior for years. Samsung is a electronics maker, they sell monitors, they sell home electronics, both of which competete with Apple products. This is more about diversifying their suppliers than not dealing with a competitors
None of those countries are under the "British Crown", they are independent from Britian. They all have a monarch, it is the same Queen as Britian, but she isn't representing Britian in those cases.
No she can't
I thought the Queen Mother had passed on?
Maybe they don't like it because they are no longer part of the British Empire?
WTF are you talking about? I know you were confused to start with, what is your problem now?
Does it? Nothing on this site is about shipping products? Wow, you must not come here much, I mean, after all we are talking about the CDMA iPhone, which I understood was available for sale. But in saying that, why does an Australian care about an American only magazine talking about an American only released product?
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