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Why don't you hold down the PS button and quit the app like you can with all those PS3 channels and games?
I wasn't referring to a range of phones.Is it? Why is it that consumers don't only purchase one item, by one manufacturer? There is no reason why a consumer should be concerned about how much money a manufacturer makes off an item unless they think they are being ripped off. Only some that benefits from this profit would be concern. I own a number of Apple devices (no iPhones or iPads though), and when I purchased them I didn't think, wow, Apple is going to make a tonne...
Again, who mentioned Nokia? Wasn't me.EDIT: Well, apart from the title of the thread that is, that'll learn me to post a thread again after a couple of days
Who said anything about Nokia? I was talking about perception of prices from a consumer viewpoint, apart from Apple, I didn't mention a brand. You were the one that just came in with a predetermined agenda.
The iPhone released in Europe was the original model, still running a 1.x OS, the same as the US, it didn't take off in Europe until the 3G model came out
Who said anything about swapping for a cheaper one, I was talking about perception of prices from a consumer point of view, I said that in my original post, two view points, do I need to explain that again, or will you just ignore it because you don't want to accept anything I post?
Excuse me? What is your problem? You are the one going on about Nokia, no one mentioned them in this thread before you did. But as for your claim, as far I know Nokia is still the number one phone manufacturer. I don't own shares in any company so how much money they make doesn't interest me at all. And I'm not fighting any retreat, but as a non-Nokia phone owner, I still can't justify spending the amount of money Apple asks for an iPhone, NZ$1300 is still too much
I may be mistaken but ATRAC is a codec, and Fairplay is DRM. But getting back to the original statement, why is Sony using DRM bad, and Apple using it isn't?
So if the BOM etc of two products are the same, then the one selling their one for more isn't making more money?
You wouldn't have a clue with I am saying, and I thought you had promisef to ignore me, or was this just something else you have made up?
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