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Chromebooks in my opinion have their place and usefulness. They work well for multiple users using the same computer, such as in schools. They seem fairly good at preventing viruses and malware to be installed. They often are much cheaper in price than Macs or Windows PCs. For web browsing for students, they work rather well.
Apple needs to sure up their reliability and the monitoring of their Cloud services.
This is good new for Apple customers.
Works for me.
Yes, I like the price being lowered on the 5K iMac.
This looks good. I am interested in it.
TV sets are a tough competitive business. Apple probably did the right thing sticking with the Apple TV box instead.
Apple should get into the search business, and compete with Bing and Google in my opinion. Competition should help all search engines improve quality and also stay competitive.
Sounds good. Glad to be able to search tweets from Spotlight.
Would be great to see these updates. Always a good thing to get new processors and technology.
New Posts  All Forums: