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This should help Apple make Maps better, and any future products that uses Maps or GPS.
Sounds very motivational. People should be encouraged to succeed, and accomplish things that really matter with their life.
Good to see Apple starting to open more stores in China. I am sure they are cautious, wanting to take their time to do their research, to find quality locations, rather than to expand too fast.
I like the new iPhone as described here. We shall now wait and see what specs it will really have.
Sounds like a sinking ship. Maybe they have some patents and tech that Apple wants.
A win for video streaming.
Glad to hear they are trying to make Maps better and more accurate!
Innovative thinking was required to get Pixar to where it is today. If GM and Philips had bought Pixar, they might have just taken the patents and gutted the company.
I wonder how long Apple will continue to offer the iPod Touch and keep refreshing it? This seems like a modest refresh. It looks like they are putting almost all their effort into the iPhone and the rumored iWatch in the mobile space, and not really doing much with the iPod Touch.
Apple obviously has a reason for Sapphire to be used in their future products. Apple, being Apple, will probably keep its intentions secret until it reveals any new products. We shall see what Apple chooses to use it for.
New Posts  All Forums: