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Wow. Some people are sure seemingly intolerant of my tag line that I have been using for quite some time. It is a non-commerical link to some free music I personally own all the copyrights to. It is both my personal hobby and interest, and is not that different from someone linking to their favorite music and/or hobby. It helps people find more about my interests. Isn't that what a tag line is about? (to give you a flavor of what that particular person likes). I have...
The server farm keeps on growing... I am sure that Apple had plans for the second building all along. They likely invested their resources to get the first one up and running, and now that it is finished will work on the second data center building. Sounds smarter than trying to build two building at once...
Good explanation. This will force people to get the latest version of Adobe Flash, if they really want Flash support, and not a legacy version that is outdated that came pre-installed with the computer. I believe this is what Apple will be doing with future versions of Java also. Get the latest version from Oracle (Java developer) instead of relying on an older version from Apple...
That's cool... A restore USB drive included with the new Macbook Air as a standard feature. I call that brilliant, imaginative engineering! Here is more about the Macbook Air Software Restore Drive from Apple at: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4399 Note: This special USB software restore drive includes Mac OS X and iLife and is READ-ONLY. You CAN NOT write to it!
Always nice to have a iTunes upgrade. Hopefully it will be stable.
Nice upgrade, but the price increase is very disappointing. Maybe I can find a new previous generation Mac Mini discounted.
Looks interesting! I just wish some of these secret products did not slip out right before Steve Job's announcements. I like the "surprise factor."
I am looking forward to whatever the new version of Safari may bring us. Likely it will be faster with more features.
This is great news! Reducing the price of the iPhone 3Gs will likely help spur sales, but reducing the monthly fees is essential to gain a larger user base. Maybe if Verizon and Sprint are permitted to sell the iPhone, then we will see competition concerning monthly fees...
A great PR gesture! I am seeing news reports of this all over. What a "feel good" story. You could not buy this kind of advertising!
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