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New features are welcome in iWork for iCloud... Thanks Apple!
Sounds like Apple is walking a fine line here, and is trying to please app developers caught in the middle of the policy.
Not very excited about this tablet.
Should be good. May learn a bit about Steve.
A new Mac trojan has just been identified. It was released into the wild about March 16th, and uses the same Java exploit to gain access and infect Macs. More info: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/n...eraction/11545 Look for the following 2 files being present to detect infection: /Library/Preferences/com.apple.PubSabAgent.pfile /Library/LaunchAgents/com.apple.PubSabAGent.plist This trojan reportedly does the following to a Mac: "After infecting a given Mac, this...
I was thinking the same thing the other day. Little Snitch would be a cheap investment for Apple to make to ensure users were more comfortable about what programs were attempting to send data out over the Internet. Little Snitch saved me after I installed it, after I was infected with this Flashback trojan, as it found several variants of Flashback still lurking around on my Mac.
I commend Apple for releasing this standalone Flashback trojan removal tool, for people who do not have Java installed (on Lion). This should help take some of the confusion and frustration away. Thank you Apple.
I thought that I was being cautious too, but I still got infected with this trojan.This Flashback trojan has several variants, some of which were recently released. The "Terminal removal detection and removal instructions" and the list of programs that the trojan would refuse to install upon detecting is outdated in my opinion, as confirmed by so many people that thought "they were clean" of this trojan, yet Apple's latest Java update notified them that it had detected and...
I was infected via the Java vulnerability. I used the manual Flashback trojan removal instructions, was reported as infected, and uninstalled the files F-secure recommended. Re-ran the instructions twice and came up clean. Later, someone recommended I try Little Snitch and I installed, and immediately found 2 infected program files trying to send data out to suspicious web sites. Googled the file names and found other Mac users had these same files with the trojan also, so...
I was initially infected by this Flashback trojan on my Mac, and even the manual removal instructions did not get all of the trojan's files, which still tried to send info out over the Internet, but thanks to the Little Snitch app for finding these rogue infected files. I have installed this Java update with no problems. I hope I never see this trojan again on my Mac!
New Posts  All Forums: