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Perhaps Apple is timing this operating system upgrade to be released with the new Mac Pros?
Whatever the reason, it is good for Apple to explore its options and use one CPU vendor company to negotiate against the other. It is a plus that AMD now owns ATI graphics. Perhaps Apple wants a custom optimized CPU/GPU chip that Intel is unwilling to produce? Competition between chipmakers is a good thing.
It sounds like the iPad is a terrific combination of software and hardware, and will likely only improve as time goes on. Just as the the iPhones 3Gs was better than the original iPhone, and subsequent iPod Touches improved on memory and performance in the higher end models, so will the "iPad Family" be positioned for the same kind of speed, performance and RAM upgrades. Time will tell.
Apple seems to have done the right thing here. Even if it cost tens of millions of dollars, the iPad product name should bring in a large sum of money for Apple. By buying this already approved and published trademark for IPAD, they can use it as leverage to get the USPTO to expand and approve the iPad mark in Apple's pending iPad trademark applications in other classifications to cover a wider number of trademark uses. They can also go after the other, newer pending iPad...
I believe this is a good, smart, preemptive move by Apple to keep many duplicate copies of public domain titles from numerous vendors from cluttering up the iBookstore. Also this adds instant titles, and will be a benefit to many people who prefer to read the older classic writings.
Apple must not have found a chip that meet all of Steve's needs, so he bought a fabless design firm (PA Semi), licensed the ARM design, and invested lots of money into the design of this new A4 chip. Sounds like it will be a good investment that should pay dividends for several years.
This reminds me of the "blood on the clickwheel" series of iPod music players and online music service wannabees that fell like dominoes after the success of the iPod and iTunes. Is Acer the first of many hardware vendors and service providers who will "blink" and decide to not compete or stop competing with Apple, iTunes and the iPad? Looks like Amazon has also blinked, in agreeing to let books publishers set their own ebook pricing due to the iPad.
I really like that fact that you can buy just the iWork apps you want. I don't use spreadsheets or presentations currently, so I don't have to pay the bundle price to buy these that programs I currently don't use. I use Pages on my Mac, so I will likely use Pages on my iPad.
We are waiting for your announcement tomorrow Steve, and I wish you health, so you can develop many future innovative products. I hope this product (Tablet) is easy to use and is affordable.
Things are getting interesting... Apple is likely to pit Verizon against AT&T to get the best deal for itself (and hopefully for its customers) on pricing.
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