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Please, Apple, have a communication chip inside it so it will work with either AT&T or Verizon, without the need to buy a carrier specific model of the tablet.
The developer who broke this news should be worried. He or she may see their app yanked from the App Store for telling the world about the 4.0 release. Steve Jobs is known to extract a penalty from those who reveal things that are contrary to his release schedule...
I was simply giving possible scenarios, based on Apple's announcement today of this acquisition of Quattro Wireless. I would like Apple to stay focused on computers and software, but realize that in this real world, where Google and Microsoft are trying to dominate, that Apple needs to at very least be somewhat defensive in their acquisitions, products, and services.
I don't believe Apple would be taking on Google head to head in search per se, but rather offering advertisers and users a way to use an Apple owned search engine to keep ad revenues (and control over search results) with Apple. Right now Apple is giving Google free traffic and search-based revenue each time an Apple user/customer uses their Google search box in a Safari browser.
Good for Apple. Next they likely will buy a smaller, innovative search engine company... Many are likely for sale, and then combine the search revenue and make that engine your default search in all the Safari versions (iPhone mobile Safari, Mac and PC desktop Safari, Tablet Safari, etc.). Are strategic social networking sites acquisitions far behind? Music (iTunes and LaLa), a mobile ad company (Quattro Wireless), a neat search engine, combined with a few social...
Way to go Apple, by covering the mobile advertising bases. Since AdMob is likely going to Google, you needed a way to get into the mobile smartphone Ad business. There is probably something more to this, and perhaps a tie-in with the new tablet. Maybe an option for an advertising supported free wireless (WiFi or 3G?) Internet service for tablet, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac users?
I am so looking forward to this. Apple, please give us a fantastic product, like a tablet.
These chips look very interesting. Let's see what Apple chooses to announce regarding using these chips or not...
May Steve Jobs life be long, and may his tenure at Apple likewise be long. His reach will be felt for many years to come. I'm sure there are many innovative products in the pipeline...
Yes, patent law is interesting. If you file for a patent, you get criticized by some. But, if you don't file for a patent, you can potentially lose a large settlement, and spend years defending yourself against a lawsuit for using some 'trivial' or seemingly obvious method or procedure in your hardware or software.
New Posts  All Forums: