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Some fairly good deals. I am sure that some people may gripe and complain that Apple hasn't gone far enough in their discounting, but I appreciate any discounts they may offer.
I would be very surprised if they were not working on the next version of MAC OS X. Steve keeps Apple's programmers busy ...
Congratulations Apple! You paid for Mac OS X development, therefore you should get to decide who can license it (which computers), and should not have to permit someone else to use your technology to run on their PCs.
While I am not an expert on coverage areas, I believe these iPhone ads will cause AT&T to speed up their coverage rollouts, possibly get a Verizon/Apple iPhone deal next year, and cause Steve to want to improve the iPhone feature set/functions even more...
This advertisement, was commented on by News.com, with a title that reads: "New Windows 7 launch video breaks bizarre barrier." This ad is legit, and is not a parody or anything, as they have a Microsoft Windows 7 HouseParty web site promoting these parties featuring some of the same individuals in this video.
My prayers are with you Mr. Jobs!
Welcome back Steve! Great news on sales.
Apple is probably working on this as fast as possible. To handle this load about once a year probably doesn't justify building extra infrastructure. Hopefully these activations will happen via E-mail soon.
I use a SSD daily on my Mac Mini. I really like it. I have a OCZ Solid with a JMICRON controller (I know...) but I just use it as an external USB drive for storing my essential data files on the Mac Mini, and not as a Bootcamp or System drive. I hope OCZ and Apple work out the issues with using SSDs better on Apple Macs.
Steve Wozniak has given an exclusive interview to the blog listed below which has posted both the audio recording and the transcript of the Steve Wozniak interview. Steve Wozniak Interview here Steve talks about technology, the future, the economy, Apple, his dancing abilities, Kathy Griffin, Pay It Forward principle, and what he sees new in technology... A very candid and interesting audio interview. Please post your comments about what you think about his...
New Posts  All Forums: