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Probably waiting on official driver support and certification. It may currently work with some hardware and software, but not others. Please take you time, test it, and get it working right Apple before it is publicly released.
I use iWork and am quite happy with it. I am glad to see that its sales are up in 2009 significantly. We should see an update soon also.
Way to fend off competitiors, like Android phones. Reduce iPhone 3GS 8GB to $99.00! Sounds tempting to me. Might get me to switch from my Verizon plan
I hope Apple will defend itself properly on these patent claims. Sounds like Nokia is running scared of Apple's iPhone and other technology, and is trying to use the legal system to keep Apple at bay.
If a redesigned mouse can sell so well, just think what a revolutionary tablet or slate will do!
Way to go Apple and China Unicom! You have overcome a great obstacle in perception in China. May the sales keep rolling in!
I believe that AdMob would do better being owned by Apple than Google, but I doubt that the FTC will get involved in this, but who knows? If people are afraid of Google taking over everything on the Internet, maybe they should used BING, Yahoo, Ask.com, or some other search engine, and not support Google with their patronage or ad dollars.
We need stronger glass -- good thinking Apple. Too many people drop and shatter their iPhones and iPod Touches. Anything to make the glass more resiliant to cracking, chipping and breaking is a plus!
Yes it does sound like they are setting up a "cloud" based service for some iWork apps. I hope they continue to make the standalaone iWork software as well, for those who don't want to use "cloud computing" apps (bandwidth, need to have Internet connection, etc.)
Sounds plausible. The device may need a game changing name to separate it from other tablets that are soon to appear. Since someone owns, and has heavily protected, the ISLATE name since 2006 with the various worldwide trademark offices and domain registries, it could likely be Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: