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I'll be happy and content with whatever Steve Jobs put out. The ability for a device to play music, browse web pages, and read electronic books would be wonderful.
Sounds we ae getting some new revolutionary product(s). Apple does not normally rent this large a venue for just announcing product updates or upgrades. This smacks of a big deal, like the rumored Apple Tabet, or something of that magnitude!
Congratulations Steve! (and Apple) You bring excitement to technology, and keep us guessing about your "Next Big thing...".
Cloud... here we come. First music, then books and video are soon to follow. Sounds like the end for the need to have large hard drive storage inside devices...
It is nice to see Apple trying to get ahead of Google. It would like to see this LaLa acquisition benefit Apple's products for years to come.
I think a "refresh" of Apple's iTunes being more web friendly would be a nice addition. Having the ability to stream from any portable or desktop device would likely be a nice additional feature.
This sounds very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing what specs this Apple tablet may have..
There has got to be more to this than it appears on the surface. Apple would not likely buy LaLa, unless they have something big planned up their sleeves in my opinion...
This would be great to have a web browser based music service built onto iTunes. Makes the music I buy more portable (no need to copy music to each mobile device).
Way to go Apple. If you can maintain the LaLa site as it is, and use the engineers for new Apple projects that would be great.
New Posts  All Forums: