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I just bought a Morphe case for $80 from the Apple Store. I hate, hate, hate the MiniUSB connector because it's such a pain to attach and detach - unlike Lighting, which is an absolute delight to use. I think it would be fair for the $4 license fee to cover both the in and out connector. $8 is too expensive - it's 10% of the price of the entire case, which seems like a lot to me ...
Apple bought a circa $53 million Gulfstream V private jet for Steve Jobs, and I'm pretty sure they got their money's worth out of it . True, that looks practically restrained compared to a 737, but don't think this is anything but a minor bump on Google's vast resources. If you consider how vital the founders are for Google's success, I really wouldn't begrudge them their toys even if the company is paying for them. David
Physical access isn't needed to jailbreak a phone, so I would argue it should not be needed to install a NSA backdoor, either. D
I wonder why they decided to make these one-offs instead of putting them into production. I think the red Mac Pro looks pretty darn cool, but I'm sure I couldn't afford the auction version. I would think that if you charged $250 more for the Red version it would fly off the shelves ...
I have seen at least two 5c units in the wild. Since the 5S design is little different from the 5, I don't know if I've seen any of them or not. But the 5c's distinctive colors make them really stand out. D
Geez, how much RED Epic footage can you store on even a 128gb Scarlet? I'm thinking not enough to make much of a film ... D
Anyone who realizes they get a $450 subsidy when they buy a new phone is going to go for the faster and more feature-rich 5S at $200 more, not the much cheaper looking 5C at $100 more.     But I can see the colors and the more drop-firendly plastic appealing for kids ...   So it's more like two different phones for two different tastes, as opposed to two different phones at radically different prices.   I would still love to see an Apple phone I can recommend to my...
I understand Daniel's point of view here, because the Android permissions screen is a lot like the license agreements you're supposed to read before installing software. That means it's easily ignored. Apple's system of asking permission the first time the GPS is used is a lot more clear in telling people what's going on. Imagine the difference between the permissions screen you see above and: "This app wants to access your phone call records. [ OK ] [ Cancel ]...
I certainly hope Jony Ive has some stock, although I suppose he's not a high enough executive to require disclosure. A little surprising, that ... D
I was viewing the keynote when the Mac Pro was introduced, and they actually mentioned that you could hook up your third party 4K display, which implies Apple doesn't plan on introducing one . I'd definitely love to see a Retina 27" iMac, although I'm really tempted by the new Mac Pro. Depending on how expensive it is in combination with whatever 4K display makes the most sense ... D
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