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I hope he did his resignation letter in 140 characters or less.
I stream radio stations using infinite tunes. I drive 300-500 miles during a normal week and I am usually streaming audio. Also, anytime I leave the house, I am streaming as well. I think the streams are usually 48kbps to 64kpbs. I sometimes go over 3 gigs a month on my data plan but I haven't hit 5 gigs at all this year. Hope that helps.
After putting iOS8 on my iPad 3, I would love to upgrade to iOS 7. It still runs games well, but is now terrible as web browsing device. So I just implemented plan "b". I ordered the iPad air 2 and am upgrading my son to an iPad 3. Win/win.
I would have probably purchased the Motorola watch had they supported iOs at or near when it launched.  Adding support several months after launch and just when the Apple watch is going to launch? Nope. If they cared about the users instead of the platform, support for iOs users would have been there all along and that tells me all I need to know.
I have to give my cable company Comsouth props. When I got tired of my DSL line getting ever slower, new neighborhoods being built around me, we got cable internet. I was worried how much extra I was going to get dinged for not wanting cable tv, we have Directv. Once they confirmed I had satellite tv they did not charge any extra fees for not buying the tv service.  Looking at what my wife and I watch  I think we could easily switch to an alacart scheme, but I'm not sure...
I have found if my hands are the least bit damp it doesn't work for me. YMMV.
I think he's using a version of the "three shell" method. Supposedly that's very comfy once you figure it out. 😜
They are in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois IIRC. On one hand they have had to evolve and change to counter the threat from Walmart. On the other hand, they refuse to use debt to grow their operations and are expanding on their own time table. So no matter how much I beg them to open a store in my state, it aint happening until they are ready. 
Do you know what that image says to me? Klaatu Barada Nikto.....now where did I put my drink?
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