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" You dont want your phone to be like a PC. The last thing you want is to have loaded three apps on your phone and then you go to make a call and it doesnt work anymore. "I actually did that once (maybe thrice) on my jaIlbroke iPhone 3GS. We were heading up to visit my family and I had the Tom Tom app running, infinite tunes was streaming my favorite radio station to my Bluetooth headphones , and I had enabled the wifi hotspot for the wife to get online (some sort of...
Ooh, I think you're going to crash and burn with that comment.
I prefer his dirt loving slacker kid,
Shades of Packard Bell. Before that company imploded like the big bag of dog turds that they were, they released some towed that were fan less. It didn't go well.I bet if Apple is doing this it's a Arm chip. I find this rumor to be very interesting.
I really wonder if they do that simply for the drama of it. Anytime the store goes offline it garners attention.
"All I can say is we were finishing each other's sentences" I hate couples that do that.
Man, hang that lock off a chastity belt, and I guarantee some one is going to be walking with a limp.
Our school system is to cheap to provide enough computers to use the electronic textbooks and teaching materials they have committed to using. So they now encourage the students to byod (bring your own device). I think someone screwed up on the book negations, so last year devices like iPads and iPods were banned from schools below the high school level to practically begging students to bring their own. So yeah, I could see this becoming popular in our district.
The noise canceling headphones will make it so that you can hear people chatting on the phone that much clearer. They do well at canceling low frequency noises and kill a lot of back ground noise but don't do much to cancel voices. When our youngest was born she was very colicky. I called Bose and suggested they add a setting to their headphones that would help take the edge off the sound of a screaming baby. I think they thought I was crazy but were still polite.I was...
Not sure what this is but it kind of looks like Daffy Duck with a mask and a gag.... Or maybe I need more sleep.
New Posts  All Forums: