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So I guess my question is....is the gold iPhone nice to look at? ;-)
I can see that, but to me he has those crazy eyes like that run away bride Jennifer Wilbamks.
When animals make...oh, wait...
*sigh* Yet another example of Apple loosing valuble market share.
Wouldn't 4k be a lot of pixels to push with the mobile processors that the MacBook pros and iMac use?
When our first kid was born I opted for a traditional "Irish" birth. It's where the wife was in a delivery room and I was safe from the sight and sounds of birth by being at my favorite watering hole. Seriously, some things are better left unseen.
Well, if they can get Siri to understand a Boston accent, she will be able to understand just about anybody. Except the Scott's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FFRoYhTJQQ
And interesting wildlife.
I would believe that if we are comparing, for an example, a charger from Griffin.
Skylanders are pure marketing evil genius. During the game launch we (my company) had some figurines to give away when you booked an event with us. At its peak, some parents were in a frenzy for certain hard to find figurines, and some parents were offering to book events with my company if I could guarantee a certain figurine. Pure marketing genius. Our response was you can have whatever is available, but no guarantees. The big boss wasn't interested in playing that...
New Posts  All Forums: