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Check out Switch Led bulbs. To my eye they have a very elegant design.
Yeah, but they stole that idea from Doctor Who.
Edit: Stupid user not paying careful attention to new the new forum.
That is a lot of debt to create a service that is rapidly becoming a utility.
I prefer the Where's my Perry app.
Wahh! I designed a mock up 20 years ago and you damn greedy companies failed to live up to my vision. Don't like where tablet computing is headed? Build your own.
Man, his mom dresses him funny.
Methinks this will come back and bite them in their greedy little behinds.
I can't really say why anyone would go to a Microsoft store, but I do think you are wrong about the red ring of death. With the current console, I think you are far more likely to end up with a broken disc drive than with the rrod. Either way, you are screwed, but i just wanted to clarify where the screwing was going to come from.
Well crap, there goes my mad money or the week.
New Posts  All Forums: