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At least this time it wasn't me.
Now you are just trolling. I give evidence that is beyond anecdotal, and you deflect with a smarmy comment. Yet, you haven't posted anything that refutes what I have said. You my friend, are full of fud today.
I don't think they are dead, but they are going to have a long stay in the icu. I haven't even heard rumors of something, anything that could change that. If they continue on the same course, imho, they will become the next Atari or Sega.
I make a comment based on my experience and it's fud?   I make a living out of helping kids play video games (being vague so as not to spam the forums).That's 100's of kids per month, thousands per year. I think that puts me in a better position than you for what's hot and what's not in the console space. I don't sell the games or the systems so my observations are based on what the kids want. I don't really care which system is winning, but part of my job is...
It's worse than over over for Nintendo. They have become irrelevant. The next generation of gamers has little interest in the system.
At the time I found it really amusing that At&t felt the need to spit itself up and sell off the pieces only to have someone else come along and basically rebuild most of it. I think all of that may have distracted them from the fact that they had a huge hit with the iphone, and what that success would do to their network.
I seem to recall when Cingular bought the old Att wireless, they operated separately for a while then pushed all those customers to Cingular branded service. Eventually the shut the old service down and repurposed the spectrum. I think that took 3 years to do.
Check out Switch Led bulbs. To my eye they have a very elegant design.
Yeah, but they stole that idea from Doctor Who.
Edit: Stupid user not paying careful attention to new the new forum.
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