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I heard they dropped the ball pretty badly on that event, maybe the Salvation Army might be a better example.
Kid Rock-although I am not trying to imply he is in the same league as the other hold outs.
I just want to be able to look at picture and tell it to zoom in and enhance. The I can be happy.
Bring out your dead?
GUGI? Is that short for gullible.?
As I understand it, USB 2 tranfers are faster than what the flash memory of an iPad can write. So what would be gained with USB 3?
I wouldn't be surprised if in a year or two Apple releases a Apple Tv with an A6x processor and app store access. I think it could be a sneak attack on the console market.
It is sucktastic, but for a truly horrible experience, try Gawkers awful Kinja system.
I have purchased a total of three iPad 2's for the kids. I think my oldest will be getting the iPad mini for Christmas as she will probably appreciate the extra portability.
I'm very jealous, the local megamart was out of them today.I'm sure nearly every one on this board can understand feeling Jazzed over an apple.
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