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I have an iPad 3 and don't see it that way at all. I look at this way, it gives me the chance to buy an iPad 3 for my oldest son who has terrible eyesight, for close to the price of an iPad 2. It's a win as far as I am concerned. Besides, what does an iPad 4 offer me that I can't do with an iPad 3? Nothing, and if/when it starts to feel slow, I can pass it down to the wife. ;-P
I heard they dropped the ball pretty badly on that event, maybe the Salvation Army might be a better example.
Kid Rock-although I am not trying to imply he is in the same league as the other hold outs.
I just want to be able to look at picture and tell it to zoom in and enhance. The I can be happy.
Bring out your dead?
GUGI? Is that short for gullible.?
As I understand it, USB 2 tranfers are faster than what the flash memory of an iPad can write. So what would be gained with USB 3?
I wouldn't be surprised if in a year or two Apple releases a Apple Tv with an A6x processor and app store access. I think it could be a sneak attack on the console market.
It is sucktastic, but for a truly horrible experience, try Gawkers awful Kinja system.
I have purchased a total of three iPad 2's for the kids. I think my oldest will be getting the iPad mini for Christmas as she will probably appreciate the extra portability.
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