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How about Safari being able to go more than five minutes without crashing? Come on Apple throw me a friggin bone.
Sorry if this is off topic a little bit. If you go to Panics web site and dig around on Audion's page it has a very interesting story about how they almost were bought by Apple but were distracted by talks with Aol.
My phone is jailbroken but has no other mods. I will let you know how it works.
Well I sent them money and at some point expect to receive my product. If you follow his blog you can see every step of the development process. http://iphone-gps.blogspot.com/ If this is a scam or vaporware then he is a very impressive crook.\\I forgot to mention that I signed up on the waiting list about two months ago.
I just bought one of these for my fist gen iPhone. Might be usefull for those of you with a first gen phone or a ipod touch.http://www.orangegadgets.com/
Hey when its just me and the cockroaches I want to have something decent to watch.
I would love to comment on the quality of the Hd. downloads but unfortunately I can't. Itunes downloads both the Hd. version and the standard version of the show. Unfortunately itunes can not find the Hd version.
Lets not forget that Isp's like Comcast are putting the smack down on your download's. If this move catches on your allocated bandwidth could be used up downloading 5-10 movies. Blueray may not be a "must have" for a mac but do not write off physical media just yet.
This is a pro apple website reviewing a really good apple product. What did you expect?
I thought that was good but actually laughed out loud at
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