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A Sarah Palin Reference? : Just kidding. As much as I would love to get a new iphone there are two things holding me back. The first is that where I live there is no 3g coverage and probably will not be for some time and I refuse to pay additional monies for a service I can not use. The second is that I will not replace my first gen iphone with one that has significantly less battery life then my current one. With many people griping about the 3g phones short battery life...
I can see the first two happening if apple feels like upgrading the camera and if att lets ichat video work on their network. The wireless N I don't think we will see that. I am not a wireless card expert but so far the N cards that I have seen have generated far more heat then g spec cards. Has any chip manufacturer been demoing a low power mobile n chipset? Jim
I was speaking to the people that want to make a hacintosh. The folks on that forum have written drivers for the mini9 and created one of the most stable configurations out there for a hacintosh. Do you have a built in memory stick reader on your mac? The problem with bluetooth only pertains to instillation of the mac os. If its off when installing osx there is not currently a way to turn it on. The were finally able to get the standard hard drive to sleep but you have...
I suspect that we could soon see a 15" Mb it would be a logical extension to the line. To those of you looking to make a hacintosh I would recommend a Dell Mini9. I just threw up in my mouth a little at recomending a dell. Check out this forum http://mydellmini.com/forum/mac-os-x-f23.html they have created a simple reliable install method that uses a retail leopard disk. Everything works and works well including the built in card reader. Due to the nature of the...
Looking at sales it looks like xbox>ps3http://www.vgchartz.com/?dg=1 *sigh* Doesn't really matter to me because with 4 young kids in the house I am stuck with the Wiitarded.
Nothing to see here move along....
I find it very helpful to show the offending computer my phaser and that it is set to kill. Works like a charm. Regarding time machine I was having an interesting problem. I had a relatively fresh instal of leopard and a new USB hdd and started having problems where the backups were failing after only two days. It turns out that I had to exclude the program transmission and the download file and it's been working like a champ ever since.
I think it highly unlikely that apple would go that route. Why would apple want all the baggage that would come from buying an existing label when they have the power, cash and distribution necessary to start their own label?
How about Safari being able to go more than five minutes without crashing? Come on Apple throw me a friggin bone.
Sorry if this is off topic a little bit. If you go to Panics web site and dig around on Audion's page it has a very interesting story about how they almost were bought by Apple but were distracted by talks with Aol.
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