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The banks computer system recognized something was wrong and froze my account.Of course I called the customer service number, but they had just closed.So I had the fun of watching my account take three big hits as web banking updated.Yes the bank credited my account. What pissed me off was no call, message or warning.Luckily I found out while at the grocery store. Later this week, I am taking a 900 mile trip to see family. Can you imagine being stuck, unable to fill up,...
I used to feel the same. This week someone stole my debit card number. I had the joy of watching my account magically shrink in $500 increments. About 4 months ago it happened to my wife. For me, the risk out weighs the conviance, so cash from now on.
*I was replying to the comment about someone returning a iPad multiple times because of display problems. I returned one iPad 3,the screen had yellow and pink blotches. Many of the store displays did as well, harder to see in the bright light with screen display at max. Heck, the kids iPad 2's have better, brighter and more even backlighting. Apple uses high quality, high tech components, that doesn't mean that occasionally shitty and defective stuff doesn't sneak out...
*looks at the archive page*Ahh, now that's the stuff.*smiles*
Sorry Ai, I think the new design sucks. The layout doesn't do much for me, and the design and placement of the adds on the homepage really blows. Forum is a hot mess. I still visit but not nearly as often. At least you didn't fu€k it up as bad as gawker did, can't stand going to Jalopnik anymore.
Never mind.
Sorry, my humor does not always translate well into my writing.http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/an-offer-he-cant-refuse.html
Maybe they made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
I think his comment was about people assuming you're rich if you have Apple products when he has seen evidence to the contrary. I don't think he was making a comment about welfare.
The president had a herp derp moment and instead of pronouncing it core men he pronounced it corpse man. I think it was a just an honest brain fart, but it was fun to annoy my extremely liberal professor neighbor, who is a total grammer nazi, and considers him the smartest president ever.Nuts, I just proved that rule about nazis always being brought into political discussions.
New Posts  All Forums: