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I am not sure it needs to be thinner, I would just like better battery life and better, more even backlighting.
Wouldn't that be more prejudiced than bigoted?
How many times did he say no, but really meant no not yet, or it's not good enough yet? 
They go out of their way to make sure apps already written for the ipad2 will run on it, what else do want? How about a little cheese to go with that whine?
Never mind, piped by message above.
I am still happy using my ole whitey core 2 duo iMac. Of course I don't do any video rendering. It's just so cheerfull to look at that I hate the idea of replacing him.Yeah the current model specs are starting to get a little long in the tooth, but I bet no retina displays till summer 13.
They really aren't harping on the technology itself, more that Microsoft is claiming/claimed that a device with half the dpi is going to look better than the ipad3 screen, by using some slight of hand.
I have had this problem on my AT&T ipad3, when I get to Michigan I have to turn off Lte and set it to set time manually. Still on IOS 5.x.Meh, known carrier problem, probably something similar happening to iPhone 5.
Funny you bring this up. I brought the kids to visit my parents and my mother bought the boys these really cool snoopy analogue watches precisely because she was worried that they might growing up without being able to instinctively read an analogue clock.
Looks a lot like the American railroad watch my dad has. Its a Buliva with this cool tuning fork based movement, except the second hand doesn't have the ball on the end.I bet it was less about money and more about having Apple acknowledge their original design. I am glad it was settled amicably.
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