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 While it's nice to have the ability to play games on the side, the real benefit comes from having a GPU to take on some of the burden imposed by creative apps.  Which is especially good if you're working with 100+GB videos in Final Cut, or 2+GB images in Photoshop. Integrated graphics belong on the low end, entry-level machines. 
 I can only guess, but it's probably a number of different factors.  First, it's not the showpiece Apple HQ. It's just a branch office. It doesn't necessarily need to make a statement.  Second, it's in a sprawling city where cookie-cutter office architecture is easy to find. It fits with what you'd expect from a community following that kind of development pattern. If the standards are low to begin with, then future developments are likely follow the established pattern....
 Yeah, the architecture is pretty awful. Generic suburban sprawl office park. 
When you start adding features to something like a smoke detector, you quickly reach the point where a $300 fire panel and some low voltage wiring will do a better job of protecting you.    Do I want my smoke detector to text me at work to say my house might be burning down, or do I want a panel communicating with a central station who will dispatch the fire department in a matter of seconds? 
This is good news. In 2011, Americans took 10.4 billion trips on public transportation, the 2nd highest annual ridership number since 1957.   Excluding transit directions from Apple Maps never made much sense. The 3rd party app integration is an unreliable and ungraceful kludge, at best. Not very Apple-like at all. 
I am a photographer and honestly, flash is one of the most misused features on cameras. Most of the time it makes photos look anything but good.    So many people keep it turned on 100% of the time and it shows in their photos. It does terrible things to skin tones and when used at close range and results in washed-out faces that look unnatural and kind of hideous. Never, ever use it for a selfie.    At the same time, you'll see people using it for subjects really far...
I doubt I'd forget with an icon of a plane replacing my signal strength bar.    The least they could do would be to add an option to turn it off. 
In Airplane Mode, if you use an app that tries to access the internet, a modal dialog pops-up to remind you that you're in Airplane Mode.    Lock the screen, then switch to those the apps again? You get the dialog again. Every single time.    It's insufferable. Yes, I know I'm in Airplane Mode. 
I just want to know if that ridiculously annoying "YOU'RE IN AIRPLANE MODE!!!!" modal pop-up is finally gone.    Seriously, it's the worst.
A simple geofence setting for WiFi would be fantastic. I don't want it burning battery life looking for a network while I'm walking down the street or driving in my car. 
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