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And since the vast majority of e-books is read from a PC screen, and not from a Kindle...
a mr pc with firewire...or get a real set-up and get a macbook pro...
How did they earn these millions? Because they are doing a good job. No need to worry about things you don't (want to) understand.
No Reagan did start the mess. Reaganomics turned out to be a huge failure.What Clinton did in the 90's was good for everybody and, most importantly, possible with the then healthy economy. Bush turned a great economy into a mess in just a few years, and instead of making good adjustments he worsened them... well for 99% of us, not for the 1% that became hugely rich because of it.And that bit about the US giving huge amounts of money to the rest of the world and never...
The new ads are funny... but they are just an echo to the Mac?PC ads...meaning more free advertising for Apple.
Just ad Emoji. That is what my japanese friends say is missing, the rest is not a problem.
You read to many blogs and forums. They give a distorted view on the reality of things: Most people (99,99%), especially when satisfied, have no need nor desire to read or write on blogs/forums. Therefore what may seem like a huge problem, in reality is almost not noticeable.
With an ignorant comment like that, nobody, including John McCain, would take anything you say serious.
I can only speak for myself, something most people here don't do... they speak for others... anyway For me the Air is just perfect. I have a big workstation and always had a smaller portable mac to email/surf web.. open some docs... nothing fancy... The Air does this just beautifully... and is also small and light and has a backlit keyboard. Just perfect.
My MBA was heating up significantly when watching youtube videos or, especially, when using video in SKYPE... after 20 minutes, the video image would begin to stutter and then the whole MBA would become slower and slower, and then it would just hang... closing the MBA was the only solution. I love my MBA but I was seriously thinking of getting MB pro to replace.... then this update came out and my MBA does no longer have these symptoms. It works as it should have done......
New Posts  All Forums: