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You forgot to mention that Porsche also became highly profitable, as it never was before, while still build exciting cars.. and that it now own the majority of VW, one of the biggest car manufacturers of the world. It is completely possible to have the best of both worlds. And about Porsche being a joke... it is a question of taste, not a fact.
On both new 3G iPhones we have, we noticed some signal drops (and cal drops) when the 3G signal is low, while the edge signal is strong. Some apps do crash, sometimes the app itself, sometimes the whole phone. Haven't had any lags or other issues.
Good that you already know that nobody would bother paying for them.
Because Mac's aren't having more problems than before. How many Macs are effected by the problems you've listed? Do you have those numbers? If yes, I would like to see them so we can really discuss this in a serious matter, without the full picture it is just gossip. There are 2 further points: -Macs being sold; more products;more possible problems. -Apple is always in the spotlight, for good and for bad reasons, if Steve Jobs farts the AAPL index will drop a few points....
Yeah, you really should stop.
I hear the ice cracking.
Yep, It has been raining = the rain belongs to it.
Wondering if it fixes the "delete images and expel card"... which wasn't deleting the images (raw) from my 4GB SD anymore. downloading now and let's see....
Common sense really doesn't exist in the US.. of course it has less appeal than the cheaper MacBook.. of course people who will never buy it will come to check it out and wish they could buy it if it was cheaper.... I used to have a MacBook as a second computer, now I have the Air for me it is just bliss.. even after only a week I just cannot immagine switching back to that heavy macBook.
no. on none of my macs.
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