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My MacBook AIR didn't want to Log out after the download.. it as just hanging.. had to do a forced restart.. ran Software Update again.. installed fine. After restart it hang again and it restarted twice.. No everything seems OK.
No, it is not possible.. the "thingle" is not high enough for FireWire and would also need to be longer.. I suspect there is no space available inside.
Great! I'm still waiting for a replacement dvd from Apple since the one that came with my Air didn't work.
The review says the build in iSight doesn't work with Photo booth... It does work on my MB Air...
Oh People, grow up! A software is delayed because it isn't ready.. so what? Does your life depend on it? You rather install a software full of bugs?
99.999999999% of blogging is a waste of time anyway. Just like writing here is a waste of time MOST of the time...instead of being productive, let's blog about it! ...and for those who will reply with the obvious... here already my counter reply... "exactly".
It would be nice if you could hook up that small optical drive from the MacBook Air to your Apple TV......
No, did you have a look at the competition's prices? Like Sony?
Nobody needs it, that's why Apple have decided to build one......
This is great news for consumers. We are winning the anti DRM battle! This is also great news for Apple as it is another sign that we're getting rid completely of the CD in a few years from now which translates into more iPods that can play music bought on any drm free store. The big looser here is only one: Microsoft.
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