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A clear sign from Netflix that they are afraid Apple's new service may eat away some of their market share... Why else "announce" so many months in advance but just before Mac world. And for those that say Apple should buy Netflix... I don't think this is going to happen, especially because Netflix has strong links with Microsfot.
Indeed a welcome change. And now, please give me the old iCal back.. the new one is a PITA to use and is packed with bugs.
That can easily be solved with a little remote, that is if the button on your iPhone headset doesn't give you enough control.
I did, I'm not going to compare all the different Dell's available but I took one of the cheapest available Dell, the Inspiron 1510;US price (including US tax average at 8%) 366 euroFrance price 528 euro (incl french tax)Difference: 44% more expensive in FranceApple MacBook:US price 808 euro (incl 8% tax)France price 1049 euro (incl french tax)Difference: 29% more expensive in FranceOr...Dell XPS 720US= 1103 euro (incl 8% US tax)France= 1499difference= 396 euro or 35%...
What a bunch of nonsense.. Many important Apple products were presented at the Apple expo over the years. (Max Os X beta for one, the iMac G5 another) Jobs has been several times to the Expo maybe not recently, but then since 2004 he has cut down his presence significantly anyway because of his health. He was there in 2003, 2002, 2000... 2001 was cancelled due to 911. In 2005 and 2006 he didn't give a keynote but a press conference.Apple has no Apple Store? Many...
NBC says it needs advertisement to make enough money to make a profit on a TV series (that $1.99 a show wont cover that by far with the current amount of downloaders) so they don't want the Apple model. They forget to add that they already make a huge profit on every TV show, because when broadcasted on TV it is full of advertisement. Putting the shows on iTunes is just a small additional income. But they are afraid that downloadable "on demand" TV, like iTunes soon...
3G is highly overrated. People buy 3G phones because they think it is so much better and then complain about the ridiculous costs and the terrible battery life of their phones... I would love to see some figures on how many people who have a 3G phone actually use anything on the phone that require 3G.. from what I hear from my Euro friends, once they had their 3G phones for 2 or 3 weeks, or whenever they received their first bill, their opinion on 3G changed drastically.
Why are german cars much cheaper in the US than in Europe? Why is anything electronic cheaper in the USA? It is not just Apple, it's the way it is. 3G is so overrated, not only because it is expensive to use. Battery life with 3G is also appalling. A Nokia 8800 Scirocco cost way over 1000 euro, and is a lousy old fashioned phone compared to the iPhone..
It's the users experience that counts, not the underlying architecture.
No, it is not over priced, nor does it "under delivers". Nokia has unlocked models that are on sale for more, with less functions. like the new versions of the Nokia 8800.
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