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-too early -horrible design -too expensive (how many books to recoup?) -bad reading experience Reading for pleasure is a very intimate thing to do, even more then listening to music on your headphones, nobody wants to read from this "machine". Now if you have to read tech stuff or legal stuff or study... you might aswel do it on your laptop, like people do now anyway.
No, it took them this long to write all this nonsense.
Eisner is shopping for a new job and trying to play the current "Studios hate Apple" game. And Admins... please, keep this forum free from youtube style posts.
Just ignore these messages, like 95% of iPhone buyers do. Only a small % of actual users have problems, but they are also the loudest ones. I have 2 iPhones, know roughly 10 other people with iPhones, none of them have any problems whatsoever. If you would base the quality of a product based on forums/blogs, you wouldn't buy any product. Ever checked car forums? And the Lawsuites? ... laughable.
Thanks for answering, but the HD would be running all the time and drain the battery much faster than a Flash based iPod?
Question: Is a HD fast enough to run the iPod Touch software? Wouldn't the HD be spinning all the time and therefore the battery be drained quickly? Isn't this, together with the higher price of Flash memory, the reason the iPod Classic is now indeed a Classic?
-The % of people that would buy a Mac for gaming, if titles were available doesn't make up for the amount of money that need to be spend in order to make Mac games. -There is no need for yet another gaming platform.
If I remember well, it was Adidas that made shoes back in the late 80's early 90s which had a little display in the shoe with work-out info... The Nike-iPod thing is something different.. it is a little sensor that transmits wirelessly the info to a Mp3 Player that can display that info...
This ad campaign will have some influence on the few that do install programs on their cellphones, but for the vast majority of cellphone buyers this has no meaning whatsoever. It is like the ad campaigns for MP3 players with more features than the iPod... Tech forums/Blogs/magazines might be full of 3rd party, cracking and what ever info, but they only preach to the selected few. Tech blog/Forum writers and readers don't seem to realise that they represent only a...
Depends if your a dom.
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