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Wonder which pile will be the largest...
Just go to your Apple store and get a new one.
Ok, so I don't want to watch TV because I HATE publicity and I watch series on iTunes, because it is without advertisements... and NBC thinks I'm going to download stuff with publicity? I rather get a TV.
You mean, the ones that write on Edgadget or any other forum.. say 0.0001% of the population?
Oh my god! I feel like we're in the presence of GOD!
So for 269 Sterling you get an iPod touch that is also a phone with email possibilities that syncs perfectly with your Mac. Sounds good to me! Considering that EVERYTHING is more expensive in the UK. And for the lack of 3G, you get many free Wifi spots all over the country... much faster than 3G and much cheaper too. And for those who prefer to get a free Nokia N95, great! Just add the iPod touch to your price comparison and all the hassle to sync 2 devices.. if you...
Can we please stop pretending to know anything about the stockmarket?
In fact the stock isn't reacting at all.. have you noticed how the stockmarket is doing in general these days? It's very nervous and over reacts on anything.Wallstreet not liking the $100 million? well, first, that number is wrong and second it is peanuts compared to the billions Apple makes.If you really think how the stockmarket works, use your knowledge in that field and become mega rich...
Thanks Steve for this unnecessary but nice gesture! Thanks all whiners for whining, it was great fun to read all those pathetic posts... but it worked your way. Maybe Steve was watching the forums as soon as he made the announcement of the price drop and laughed his head of on all the comments.... and just after it reached the main press (now EVERYBODY knows about the price cut) .. he announces the $100 refund... creating and buying advertisement for the new iPhone price...
Hello? we're talking iPhone here.. it's a phone... not a computer... not an mps player.. not a game console...phone prices drop much fatser than anything else in the electronic industry.. why? because they produce so many of them, production costs go down much faster.
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