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Another worthless piece of information on AppleInsider .. second time this week... not a good sign for this website.
of what year?
popular in the Netherlands
have a 60 g ipod in my house/car/trailer and a shuffle for work-out.. running.. it's just perfect!
exactly what I'm pointing out.. It's guessing, or wishful thinking, but not worth to be on AppleInsider.. more like ThinkSecret
No, there is nothing valid about this analysis.. it's not even an analysis.. it's guessing or putting non related info together or using only parts of info.. something people like to do with figures. especially online. Although I'm very happy that Apple is doing well and I also think Apple is going in the right direction (away from the clumsy computer that has to do everything towards small and embedded computer based devices) There is nothing as unpredictable as technology.
this graphic is not worth being on AppleInsider. Please show also a graphic of the previous 10 years..
I was shopping for a new wireless keyboard and noticed that it has 3 - 5 business days delay online and none available in the 2 Apple stores I went to. I was told to wait until Tuesday.
I'll try.
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