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Environmental Movement Has Lost Its Way By Dr. Patrick Moore Scare tactics, disinformation go too far I am often asked why I broke ranks with Greenpeace after 15 years as a founder and full-time environmental activist. I had my personal reasons, but it was on issues of policy that I found it necessary to move on. By the mid-1980s, the environmental movement had abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism. I became aware of the emerging concept of...
Years ago, back in the 1980's, I was a big Greenpeace fan and supporter. But Greenpeace has changed.. it build itself lavish headquarters in Paris and is clearly choosing its attacks. Choosing, not for importance or relevance, but only to obtain the maximum of visibility and therefore more money in their pockets.. in other words, Greenpeace has become just another company that makes money. Of course Apple should do better, like almost all americans / american companies...
metal casing.... I hope they'll get signal reception and battery life to be acceptable.. I have a Nokia 8800.. beautiful metal phone.. but signal reception is crap and the battery doesn't last a day. Can't wait to change this phone for another, but similarly beautiful, design.
what happened to s-video? according to Apple specs it should be there.. but I don't see it?!?!
Download huge files is as problematic as Streaming in my opinion.. just buffer a bit or 2?
what if they would only offer streaming of movies.. maybe not o nice for the iPod (well for the moment.. but buying directly from the iPod is the next step Is suppose) But would be very nice for Frontrow.
No way Apple will introduce "dvd like" quality videos to download... The standard ( yes, there is already an unofficial standard) they will use is the average P2P download quality.. if the illegal downloaders find this resolution/quality OK, then it will be OK for the market Apple targets. If you want HD dvd quality, then get the actual DVD.. just like with Mp3 and CD's...
Powerfull stuff! Have a look here, a study on one of Eschers drawings
Macitynet is NOT a new site, but like any other commercial site it needs more visitors to have more possible banner clicks. The photos are real, but the info on the iPod?? One thing, nowhere the Macity site indicates that the new iPod has NO screen, Since they have only PARTLY seen illustrations of the new iPod, they THINK it may have no screen, they also THINK it has only TWO buttons, is partly of metal, partly white plastic.
I vaguely recall a mock up drawing from last summer that was VERY similar to this. I cannot remember if it was here or on Macnn. Any clues how to find this image?
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