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Because we're all "suspected terrorists", don't you know. What a load of crap! The gov't should change the name of this country to the Paranoid States of America.
Delta Airlines = FAIL!
Considering that there is no iPad app for the Roku, it is hard to imagine that anyone who owns an iPad would choose the Roku over the Apple TV. Also, the fact that a higher percentage of Roku owners actively use their streaming device is interesting but irrelevant to the question of whether the Roku or the Apple TV is the better/easier-to-use product.
Is there a point to this article? I can't find one, except that Microsoft sucks.
Terrible! Apple wants the whole world to imagine that they're still in the 8th grade!
"Wall Street is disappointed, Wall Street is disappointed..." Wall Street can go to Hell!!!
The new Amazon smartphone with 4.7" screen also comes with a free set of training wheels for those who have trouble holding the hulking handset without assistance. Add-ons for a pop-up toaster and portable air freshener are rumored to be coming soon!
The consumers who are swayed by Samsung's ads deserve Samsung products, so what's the problem?
The 2.5GHz 13" MacBook Pro is available as a refurb on Apple's website right now for $1019, just $19 more than the super-special "limited time" eBay offer lauded in the article.
News Flash: Schwinn's latest bicycle could signal new competition for Ferrari. Woo hoo!
New Posts  All Forums: