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Saying that the iPhone is "behind on features" plays right into the hands of the mindless advertising drones, who bend over backwards to sell the inane idea that more features make a better product. The Woz should stick to something he's actually good at, like counting his money.
Apple is competing against the likes of Samsung very nicely, thank you very much; and they most certainly do NOT need to follow their competitors' pathetic attempts at "innovation" in order to maintain a competitive edge going forward.
The thieves would have needed a moving van to hold more than a million dollars worth of Apple products. It's hard to imagine that any single Apple Store would ever have that much inventory on hand. There's something about this story that smells funny.
The next iPad mini may have a higher-resolution display, but the current iPad mini already has a high-resolution display. The fact is that most users would have a hard time seeing the difference between an iPad 2 screen and an iPad Retina screen. For professional users, the Retina display may be very useful; but for most people, it's just another "must have" feature (like higher-resolution pocket cameras) that is 10% genuinely useful and 90% advertising gimmick.
Microsoft taking on Apple TV? I can hardly wait! Buy your tickets early for what is sure to be another bloodbath for poor old Microsoft. Like a punch-drunk prizefighter, Microsoft keeps answering the bell, but they've got no punching power.
You're comparing Steve Jobs' departure from Apple to Scott Forestall's?! PLEASE!!!
In this context, Scott Forestall's role as an "advisor" to Tim Cook most likely means that his job is to advise Tim Cook of his whereabouts at all times and to refrain from making any Apple-related product decisions without first getting Tim Cook's approval.
If Jony Ive places functionality above all else, why is the new iMac so thin that the RAM is now non-upgradable? How is that a benefit to anyone (unless you spend your time gazing fondly at the new iMac's slim profile)?!
The FBI also denies that it has ever owned any laptops. Any evidence to the contrary has obviously been falsified by "evildoers".
Unfortunately for the Sparrow developers, they wouldn't be the first company to discover that pursuing a "bigger vision" can be a one-way ticket to oblivion.
New Posts  All Forums: