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Why isn't this kind of crap illegal? It is illegal for eavesdroppers to "bypass" your home security and tap your phone. How is unauthorized tracking any different? It's creepy and unacceptable, that's what it is.
The article does not explicitly mention OS X text when it talks about "a plurality of attributes for graphical user interface objects". Presumably, all OS X text, icons and other graphic elements would be similarly resized on the fly to accommodate a higher-resolution screen. All I can say is that I've been waiting for resolution-independent type since the early 90's, so it's about time!
When I reluctantly signed up for iCloud in order to preserve my mac.com email address, I disabled Address Book syncing altogether because of security concerns. If vandals can hack Bank of America, they can certainly hack Apple. I do keep a copy of my Address Book on my iPhone and iPad, but I sync them the old-fashioned way: via iTunes. It's a jungle out there.
Good to know. Thanks!
So are these new MacBook Pros with the retina display going to come with matching magnifying glasses to help users read the tiny drop-down menus?
You may be right, but that's a BIG problem.
If the Best Buy store in San Rafael, CA is any indication, Best Buy is losing revenue because their stores have gone seriously downhill in recent years, not because their iPad margins are too low. Much of their inventory is low-end or out-of-date, and their prices (which used to be very competitive) are nothing to write home about. My local Best Buy frequently advertises "midnight madness" sales that are a joke. Good Guys and Circuit City have already found out how hard it...
How can Apple double the resolution of Mac displays unless they also figure out how to rasterize screen text independent of the screen resolution? With current rasterization technology, a Mac with twice the resolution would render all interface elements at half their current size. In other words, many interface elements would be too small to read. This would be an unmitigated disaster.
So does all this "sharing" mean that OS X will be vulnerable to the same dirty tricks that iOS app makers have been using to copy users' address books without their consent?
There is absolutely no reason for Apple to enter the over-crowded, low-margin big-screen tv business unless they also manage to take control of the content away from the cable companies.
New Posts  All Forums: