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Young pop star Lily Allen has even gone so far as to accuse Apple of "bullying" tactics. "[Apple] won't advertise your album unless you give them extra material," she complained during a radio interview. Others have stated the obvious: WHAT RUBBISH! She should kiss the ground in gratitude that Apple is willing to put her sorry ass on the front page of the Music Store under any circumstances! Nothing is stopping Apple from charging a fortune for those coveted spots, which...
Really smart move on Apple's part.
I've got news for Steve Balmer when he wakes up from whatever he's been taking to keep reality at bay: "Little tiny niche guy" is kicking your ass all the way to China, buddy boy!
HAH! Microsoft releases their first major Windows upgrade in five years and this is what he has to say about it??? Talk about blowing smoke up his own ass!
Steve Jobs is a certified genius in my book, but even geniuses don't know everything. The suggestion that kids should spend all their study time in front of a computer screen is not reasonable. If you add up the time the average teenager already spends (1) playing video games, (2) surfing the internet and (3) watching tv, it's clear that more screen time is not what these kids need. On the contrary!
There will be no mass exodus from Windows to the Mac because the vast majority of computer users are either not smart enough to see the benefits or not brave enough to let go of the old and familiar. But the word is out and the game is on. One thing is totally obvious: There is no way in the universe that 95% of the kids today (the iPod generation) are gonna grow up and buy the same old pissy pc that their parents used. No way. Absolutely no way. The war is already over....
Vista sales are one thing. Cutting into Apple's market share is another. The two do not necessarily go together. I'll wager that the eager drones who rushed out to buy the first release of Hasta la Vista would never in a million years buy a Mac, so how does their purchasing decision affect Apple's bottom line? It doesn't.
Steve Jobs should "put his Music Store where his mouth is?" What the hell does that mean? That he should do away with Apple's DRM and promptly see Apple's contracts with EVERY music publisher ripped to shreds? Don't these morons get it? Why is it so hard to understand that Apple must abide by the music suppliers' rules or there's no music to sell. Period!
"I'm not too keen on all the negative advertisement. It seems very childish and will drive away some customers rather than attract them." Apple should abandon their advertising strategy because some people won't like it? Has there ever been an advertising campaign in the whole history of the universe that everybody approved of? I don't think so. If pointing out the superiority of your product compared to your competitor's is "negative" advertising, then the whole...
Dreamweaver is going to be the main one, but Adobe did say they were still going to develop GoLive seperately. I read that Adobe will turn GoLive into a web authoring app for graphic designers, while Dreamweaver will be aimed at professional web developers. There is an obvious need for both kinds of web apps. If Adobe is serious, the "new, improved" GoLive could be a spectacular hit. Why do I still think Apple is the only software company that is really capable of...
New Posts  All Forums: