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If Adobe's mobile Flash wasn't a piece of crap, Apple would never have banned it from their mobile devices in the first place!
No doubt the more cautious majority of Mac users caught wind of the many problems that impetuous, poorly-prepared early adopters ran into with the initial Lion release. Also, Lion is a really mixed bag—more different from the previous OS X release than any other I can think of. Some of the differences are actually beneficial, and some are decidedly not. Most Mac users will eventually upgrade to Lion because they must; but Lion has definitely thrown the Mac community a...
“The smartphone has changed the world as much as the Bible has.” The Bible may have changed the world, but whether it actually made the world a better place is debatable.
There is absolutely no reason for BMW to be concerned about anything that Chevrolet comes out with, even though BMW and Chevrolet are both cars.
The world is so full of crooked politicians that there's hardly room to breathe and you're criticizing Al Gore, of all people?! That's pretty pathetic.
Another world-class schmoozer with no other talents bites the dust. Yahoo has done a great job of making itself utterly irrelevant in a market they helped create. Sad.
Are you nuts?! Since when does Apple run the Chinese factories that make products for the American market?! Do you think Apple instructed them to foul the atmosphere and overwork their employees? Ridiculous!
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! From what I hear, the air is unbreathable in China's big cities. Let's not even mention all the toxic chemicals that are routinely found in Chinese-made products. Unbelievable!
And he's waited until the last minute because... ???
It makes no sense to me that Apple would make processor decisions based on a very small percentage of their customers. My guess is that nowhere near 10% of Mac users are running Windows. And not only is a cheap PC very easy to come by for next to nothing, but installing Windows on a Mac is not a foolproof operation nor a trouble-free decision. The whole system becomes that much more complicated when you add Windows to the mix. So, yes, it's a neat trick that Macs can...
New Posts  All Forums: