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Right! In Taiwan, which (the last time I looked) was in Asia, the world headquarters of no respect whatsoever for the intellectual property rights of others. Of course customers are going to delete all those DRM-free music files before "returning" their purchases. Sure they will! Taiwan's insane law amounts to legalizing the theft of digital content.
"Samsung says it's competing with, not copying Apple" BullSH*T!!!
Mark Zuckerberg should be embarrassed to compare himself to Steve Jobs even as a joke. Mark Z. is to Steve Jobs as an earthworm is to a lion.
For starters, MacDailyNews claims that this guy's logo is very similar to the iSync logo Apple began using in 2003. The question is whether some kid who copied Apple can get away with suing Apple for copying him! As for the rejected app, more facts are needed. He is assuming that his app was submitted before Apple started working on a similar concept. Big assumption.
You're entitled to your opinion whether or not your opinion is worth expressing.
So of all the amazing things that come from Apple, you choose to criticize them for fart apps they didn't even make? You're an idiot, bro'.
Leaving the DUI issue aside for a moment, let me highlight the most relevant thing you said: "We have idiots for legislators." Unfortunately, we also have idiots for citizens. How else to explain why everyone is going about their business as though everything is perfectly ok while our elected representatives spend virtually all their time helping the banks and big corporations take over the entire country?
Yes, I most definitely disagree with the reasons for the conflicts; and so would you, I'll wager, if you looked any further than the evening news for your information on what our illustrious gov't is really up to. Ever listen to Noam Chomsky, for instance? I doubt it! This forum isn't the place for a debate on such a complex issue; but as far as I'm concerned, it's a national tragedy that the America's fighting forces are being utterly squandered on meaningless,...
Enlist??? You really are nuts, brother. American foreign policy as presented to the American people on tv is a huge lie. If you want to believe it, that's your right. But don't lay it on me.
Unfortunately, it is quite possible to be brave and stupid at the same time. Putting your life on the line for a cause that's not worth fighting for is stupid. When will the brave men and women in the U.S. military realize what they're really doing: fighting one manufactured war after another to make their masters filthy rich?
New Posts  All Forums: