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Who, pray tell, would expect an intelligent decision about anything from our govurmint?
The fact that Apple is proactively securing their supply of components does not mean that they have any intention of blocking competitors' access to those components. There is nothing stopping competitors from employing the same tactics except their lack of foresight.
Screw Consumer Reports. They should stick to rating toasters and washing machines.
"I wonder if this is because of the demise of OS X in the face of iOS?" The demise of OS X? Surely you jest!
$195 a year for watered-down mainstream pseudo news? Not gonna happen!
Microsloth couldn't "take on" Apple if their life depended on it, which is does actually. Only a certified moron would take seriously these outlandish claims from the star screwup of the computer industry. Even the act of publishing these ridiculous stories without a derisive footnote is kissing Microsloth's ass. It looks to me like ass-kissing and delusional thinking has completely taken over the field of high-tech journalism. Whatever Microsloth says, everybody...
The iPad will also replace many a Blackberry. The iPad and the iPhone are both putting RIM's future in serious jeopardy.
Better a giant iPhone than a giant turd! Besides, what's wrong with a giant iPhone? Sounds kinda cool!
HP = Hopelessly Prehistoric
The problem is not that manufacturing costs are higher in the USA. The problem is that American manufacturers care about nothing but their own bottom line. What's good for the US economy is the farthest thing from their minds. This should not be allowed, imho. American companies should be required to provide jobs for American workers in exchange for the privilege of doing business in America.
New Posts  All Forums: