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Personally, I wish Steve Jobs would squash Mark Zuckerberg like a bug.
Why isn't it illegal to file patent suits in this Kangaroo Court unless you actually live in Tyler County, Texas??? What a crock!!! There is so much corruption in the U.S. legal system that the whole country has grown accustomed to the stench of it!
What we know for sure is that Flash is crap regardless of its effect on Adobe's bottom line. My Safari web browser now has a new trick where open windows take 5-10 seconds to close when Flash is running. Otherwise, they close instantly, as they should.
I'd call this a total non-story. Of course a small percentage of Apple customers will buy an iPad instead of a low-end laptop, but this is an exceedingly small piece of Apple's sales. The iPad is not a laptop replacement but an entirely new class of portable device. More importantly, Apple's lost laptop revenue is made up for many times over by the tremendous growth of the iPad market itself, which previously didn't exist at all and appears to have almost inexhaustible...
How in the world does removing a feature the program already had count as a "cost-cutting measure"? Sounds totally absurd to me.
In other news, Schwinn Bicycle Co. will invest $500M to catch up with Ferrari on the international Formula 1 racing circuit.
Proceed at your own risk!
Totally bogus claim. No way in hell would theiPhone's glass screen shatter so catastrophically as a result of such a minor fall. No way in hell.
The iPhone 4 keynote was "plagued by high-tech Wi-Fi meltdown"??? It looked to me like Steve Jobs hardly missed a beat. Can you say Yellow Journalism?
Yahoo hasn't done anything new or interesting in years. Any company that partners with them isn't paying attention. R.I.P., Nokia.
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