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From this morning's DigitalDaily: So NPD says smartphones running Google’s (GOOG) Android are outselling Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone in the United States. What does Apple think about NPD’s claim? Not much. Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison tells me the company isn’t at all worried by the suggestion that Android sales in the states might have leapfrogged those of the iPhone — particularly after IDC’s report last week showing Apple as the third largest maker of converged...
Anyone who bets on Microsoft any which way is hopeLESS.
Good point!
There has never been anything stopping anyone from buying whole albums instead of individual tracks—if they want to. There has never been anything stopping owners of music CD's from playing individual tracks if they want to. The notion that Pink Floyd is somehow protecting the artistic integrity of their albums by forcing customers to buy them in their entirety is ludicrous.
Apple's just going to make itself look more confused and unresponsive than ever if they start axing some useless apps and not others. What about the 400 fart apps, etc., etc. There is truly an amazing amount of unadulterated crap that has alread been approved by Apple's deeply flawed approval process.
If Amazon hasn't known all along that Apple would eventually bury the Kindle with some kind of multifunction tablet, then they're not nearly as smart as people give them credit for. Amazon has accomplished their primary goal, which was to jump-start the ebook industry. Now they have to move over, like it or not. The Kindle is hopelessly quaint compared to the iPad.
Bill Gates would be unimpressed by a spaceship from Mars unless it had a Microsoft logo on it. What a turd-brain.
Even if Amazon acquired Fort Knox, they still wouldn't be able to compete with the iPad. Kindle vs. iPad is like Bicycle vs. Ferrari.
One only has to think about the enormous sums that Apple (and virtually every other large high-tech company) spends on advertising to realize how immensely profitable it is for Apple to be running the "wildly successful" app store, whether or not this facet of their business generates huge direct profits. Instead of paying through the nose for more exposure via advertising, they're getting paid to spread the Apple brand to the four corners of the earth. Now that's brilliant!
New Posts  All Forums: