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Why should anybody care about the opinions of 500 retarded... er, random... users?
Don't you just love the smell of fresh blood in the morning?
This is pure insanity. Now all international passenters flying to the U.S. will pay because the morons who run the airline industry are obviously incapable of following their own procedures. How in heaven's name can a passenger who is already on a terrorist "watch" list be allowed to board an airplane without even the most cursory "pat down"? Had this simple and obvious action been taken, this man would never have gotten on the plane. What exactly does the airline...
Those lying sacks of Sh*t will keep denying the price increases until the day they announce them. What else is new?
Psystar = Self-destructive Morons
I smell a train wreck if Google persists in this foray into hardware. It's true that Apple pulled the iPhone out of thin air, but they've been designing hardware for more than 30 years!
Actually, "pole position" suggests that Apple has the fastest car but all competitors are starting from scratch. This is clearly not the case. The race is already underway and Apple has opened up a big lead. Can anyone catch them? Not unless Apple spins out or runs into a wall.
Young adults have awareness???
Sounds like a bunch of empty hype to me. The iPhone has absolutely no need of "beautifying", thank you very much. As for the steroids, time will tell whether the Google phone is an elite athlete or a muscle-bound hulk.
AT&T = Thieves and Liars
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