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That's what happens when you have Tim Cook (who specializes in operations, and is pretty much the best in the [or any] industry) as CEO.
Is anyone a CPA that can explain Apple's accounting principals to me. It makes no sense to me that Apple would have to account for features it adds if it did not chose to. Why couldn't they simply have free updates with features?
I don't see how this is anything but monopolistic business practices, even after dropping the ridiculous requirement that in app pricing is the same price as elsewhere. (Which I am sure would have triggered an investigation had they not backed down.) I do love Apple's products and I respect their right to approve or deny apps, but in my opinion these subscription policies cross the line.
Not really, I agree that all news stations have some bias, but Fox News is much more so, going to the extent of cutting quotes short to twist their meaning, to interrupting any guest they might have that is not on the right side of politics. (while I have seen that on other stations, usually the person hosting tries to moderate and give everyone a chance to speak)
This should be the default setting imo. Also, the poser who thought it should be right there when you right click may be onto something, why not have it show when you mouse over definition, the way spotlight acts in Lion.
No, first of all, coverage will only get better so don't een bring that up as a reason that makes no sense. Secondly, if you have a contract you'll be protected by terms in said contract; thirdly T Mobile is for now just a fully owned subsidiary and rates will theoretically no be affected.
You do realize those things have nothing to do with each other right? There is no reason to punish yourself because something bad is happening.
It's not just you, no new dock, the tile really should be changed. \
Why not? It's a Macbook PRO it should have an optical drive. If you don't want the optical drive then get an Air.
Didn't TJMaxx only have like two, refurbished at that, iPads per store they were selling as door busters? I don't think anyone expected Apple to match that. That comparison makes very little sense.
New Posts  All Forums: