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Yup. We let our son have YouTube Kids for a bit but didn't like everything he was seeing on the app. So we deleted it. No big deal, we've moved on.
I think Kirsten Dunst owes Apple an apology. ;)
"more funny"? It isn't just about being funny. Sure this role generally goes to a comedian but it is more about just being entertaining. Jimmy Fallon is an entertainer and I think is able to reach more audiences with his variety of skits and performances than Kimmel. That being said, Kimmel's handsome man club might be one of the best skits to come from these late shows. That was comedic genius. It is cool to see tech that is in most hands (or available to most) being used...
Sometimes it is the same factory. The day shift heads home as the foreign supervisors leave for the day, then the night shift fire up and pumps out the same stuff to be sold on the black market.
 I am always amazed at Brazil's barriers to imports. The local content laws are some of the strictest I've worked with when trying to sell products in Brazil.  It is a very attractive market, for the reasons you pointed out, but it is difficult to bring the latest there quickly as there is so much investment required to meet the local content laws and avoid the very high import taxes.
The way it is written indicates the "sale" is the price and it also comes with a gift card. The wording doesn't quite work.
Uh, how is the mini "on sale" for its list price?
I placed an order for a retina mini and an iPad Air on Wednesday evening. The mini shipped yesterday without delay, the Air is apparently on back order. I expected that to be the other way around.
Can anyone add some comments about how Nest interacts in a two thermostat home? Do you still get the same benefits and is it designed to work with other Nests?
 It doesn't appear that Samsung sees that faster rate as being meaningful or providing enough impact to mention in their own earnings reports. Though I have not viewed that report or the sales figures for GS3/Note 2 versus GS4/Note 3. "According to Samsung's own earnings report however, in its smartphone business "total shipments [were] up QoQ led by increased sales of mass-market models," while "high-end model shipments stayed at similar level QoQ driven by solid sales of...
New Posts  All Forums: