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People will keep trying until a phone is available. Most buyers are not without a current phone and I assume that if they've decided on this device they will keep trying until stock is sufficient.   I've been watching stock for the last week so I can upgrade my wife's phone. Seems that the 16gbs are coming in to the Apple Stores and third party retailers pretty well but the 32 and 64 are a bit harder to find. Each store I've been to has had a 16gb 5s but I haven't yet...
Check out MSFT stock. There's an ego boost for Ballmer.
If you go for the Target deal and use a Red Card (Debit or Credit) you can walk out with an iPad Mini for around $270. Not too shabby if you don't worry about the new release coming in a few months.
  Most international flights have USB or plugs available for charging. That being said, I haven't had an issue with battery life. When the phone is in airplane mode the drain is very slow.
Although some don't see the point to Passbook it really is useful to many of us. I use it all of the time, primarily as I travel and try to keep straight rewards accounts with several airlines and several hotel chains.   For one thing, as you are heading through TSA and other security lines globally I find it easier to use my iPhone as the boarding pass instead of carrying an extra piece of paper and my passport. Boarding passes are odd sizes and don't easily slide...
So this analysis is based on an assumption that these guys are now just taking as fact. When did we get confirmation that Apple is making a low-cost handset for emerging markets? When did it become fact that Apple's margins were declining because of this low-end product launch.   These analysts need to get out from behind their computer screens and add some subjective analysis to what their number crunching tells them
Your perception does not match recent performance. Mercedes made an investment in Hyundai and with that came some significant engineering and manufacturing mind share for the Korean company. They've come a long way and put out a very competitive product. I don't drive one and I don't plan to but I recognize the good product they've been able to put out in more recent years.
"The poll shows that those who own smart TVs connected to the Internet actually spend less time accessing Internet content through their TV than those who do not own a smart TV." It seems this quote needs more explanation. If those who don't own a smartTV are accessing internet content through their TV more frequently than those with a smartTV that tells me some other device is in play. It would be nice if they dug a bit on this and discovered the prevalence of AppleTVs,...
It could be argued that having Facetime available to all subscribers, including those who remain on the current minute/data plans, would encourage people to lower the minutes portion of their plan. If that is the case it could also be argued that AT&T is blocking its usage to keep it from competing with a similar service that they offer. I don't know how well it would stand up but I see the two as competing services, voice communication and video communication can still...
I'd pay the PAC 12 Networks a whole lot more for a year's subscription than they would get through any user fees the cable/sats pay them each year. Please let this be true.
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