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I don't see this type of automation replacing switches and manual controls but simply adding some automation to it. Turning on a light as you walk in the room should be as simple as hitting the switch on the wall, or the sensor at the switch realizing that you have just entered the room and turning it on for you. Or perhaps you want to have certain lights come on at various times when you are on vacation. I'd much prefer to set up a program from my iphone that does takes...
This mostly comes out sixes for me.   Current 2 iPhones, 550 shared minutes, unlimited texts on both, 2gb per phone for a total of about $128 a month (national corporate partner discount included, 20%ish)   On the new plan 2iPhones, Unlimited text and talk, tethering included, 4gb shared for about $150 a month - discount = $120ish plus taxes brings me to the $130ish range.     With the addition of tethering I guess I could be coming out ahead. It is a...
Why are so many comments here implying that Apple is dodging or evading paying their fair share. On money that they earn in the United States, and that is a huge pile in and of itself, they are paying their taxes as the law requires. This is not an issue of fair share or not. The money they've got parked elsewhere was generated elsewhere.
Apple has made a lot of money by selling their products overseas and has been taxed on those earnings. Bringing it back to the US of A would result in additional taxation.
It isn't spending givernment money when it is given in the form of tax credits or rebates. If Apple chooses to build this elsewhere and then the tax revenue will not come to Texas at all. What Texas is really saying is we'll take less of your money if you come here.
I expect Apple to strike a deal with the PAC 12 for their college sports content. It isn't national but they have been forward thinking with their distribution strategy, have mentioned the potential of working with Apple and Google, and most importantly have not sold off the rights to all of their content. Although Fox and ESPN hold some rights the PAC 12 retained good content for their own uses. I'd sign up for it to watch USC, Stanford, Oregon, and Utah football. It may...
We import a lot of parts for our final products in Brazil. Anything we import, even if we absolutely cannot source it from Brazil despite our best efforts, gets a hefty duty. In addition, our products qualify for some special financing if we can achieve 65% or more in Brazil sourced material by cost and weight. I doubt that exists for the iPhone market but there are likely similar barriers/incentives that Apple and FoxConn must work with.
Have you actually checked your upgrade eligibility or are you just assuming? I bought the 4 in October of 2010 but was able to get upgrade pricing in January of 2012. I don't know if my timing is shorter because of the type of plan I have or the fact that we have two iPhones on AT&T but I have generally seen much shorter upgrade times on my accounts.
Except this additional incentive doesn't go into effect until later this year, June I think. More than likely the delay is to keep employees from exercising this benefit and adding to the supply constraint that comes with product launches.
The article is looking at this incorrectly. The new incentive is in addition to the current offering. Employees will still have access to their annual 25% reduction but will also get this additional, every 3 year discount. Employees come out ahead here regardless of buying high-end or low-end products.
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