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I have no interest in gaming or the monthly service fee Microsoft requires for the similar services. Plus, last time I checked the xBox and PS3 units aren't really good at Airplay functions or integrating with my Apple ecosystem. Add to that the cost of the xBox or PS3 systems and I'm more than happy with my AppleTV, its simplicity, and the UI.
You've got it backwards. SSDs aren't coming down to the HDDs' prices. HDD prices are going up.
If you;ve sent your request and received your e-mail you might still be waiting for your box. I just talked to Apple and they said that as the boxes become available they are sending them out. The 10 business day limit will start once you receive the box.
but I love having my Apple products. From a religious standpoint I can keep my scriptures, including personal notations and cross-references, on my iDevice and have it with me when I head to church or any other time I need to have them. When preparing speeches or lessons I use my iDevice to research the texts available online and to read through previous speeches and lessons I prepared. I also use my iDevices to keep well connected with my family living across the...
Has anyone tested out how iCloud and match interact with AppleTV yet. I'm hoping that I can stream from the cloud without having one of my laptops open.
I interviewed at Google but wasn't real excited about the position until they told me they were moving all new hires to Macbook Pros. The pay sucked though and ultimately the extra $20k I got by going elsewhere won out. Not I'm stuck with a PC at work. \
Thinking that one of the Chaebols would match Apple on efficiency and streamlined supply chain is laughable. There may be divisions of Samsung that run very efficiently but there is no way they're getting that entire compnay as integrated as Apple has become. The Chaebol structure just doesn't allow for it. Also, it isn't as easy for Samsung's components divisions to produce parts for other Samsung divisions cheaper than they would for Apple as it seems. They still need to...
I think the potential goes far beyond simply talking to your TV. This could be the impetus for much better home integration with the TV becoming a type of hub. Tie in some X10 type tech that work with the Siri interface and iOS could change a lot of how we run our homes. "Keep the house at 68 degrees until 6 am. Then take it to 70." "Lock all doors" In addition I see the content delivery changing. Siri is a feature, it doesn't reshape how we get our content. For...
Do these analysts stop and think about what they are saying before they say it. Apple has rarely been a responder to competitors in this way. If they are placing a cheaper device it is something they've been working on for some time and not in a knee-jerk reaction to the Kindle Fire. I still don't expect a Fire like device. The iPad is dominant with its current form factor and features. Steady upgrades should do it well.
And another euphemism is born.
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