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The quick wrap up on discussions with Google couldn't possbly have anything to do with Where Google falls on the Obama donor rankings.
I for one welcome our new *automatron* overlords. It seems that any info that helps a company have better knowledge around how their resources are being used and whether they need more/less resources at a particular location is pure gold. While serving the customers may not become an entirely automated process, making a business case within the company could.
This system goes far beyond an interactive price tag or features list. This system is a step toward something that retail has always wanted more intel and tracking on. Who is coming through our doors, how many are browsing versus looking for a sale, how many are actively seeking an associate, how many that are seeking an associate actually stick around until they are helped, what devices are being examined, etc. Although the system relies on inputs from the customers...
87.5% of all statistics are made up.
So statistics isn't your forte, right? Do you realize that you have the option of skipping a story and moving on to the next one. Or you could do a deeper dive into the other pages and find the stories you are interested in. As for the update, I am very interested in Apples updates and upgrades to all of their products and services. It may seem inconsequential to some but to others every nuance of the business is intriguing and worth understanding. Apple has essentially...
I can't speak specifically to Apple but it is common for a manufacturer to negotiate ownership of the tools their suppliers will use and often it is the manufacturer (i.e. Apple) who pays for the most specialized tools. In my company we are contracting with several suppliers and builders in South America, South Africa, and India. Our contracts state that if the relationship is terminated we keep the tools so we can easily transfer to a new supplier without needing to wait...
Blaming unions for the fate of the Big 3 is ignorant. But it is equally ignorant to look past the legacy costs of old union contracts and the support of the retirees that are no longer producing. Union legacy costs played a role and exacerbated the companies' poor business decisions. Not the unions fault... but they were aprt of the equation.
It has been a couple of years since I saw the data but I think the Utah Gateway store is/was on Apple's top 5 list for dollars generated per square foot. It is a packed store and could use an expansion itself. The addition of a store in Murray will help to take some of that pressure but I assume that most of the consumers in the southern half of the Wasatch Front are using school bookstores and the numerous authorized resellers for their Apple needs. The Gateway will...
Thanks. I'll check it out.
What's the gist and message?
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