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Thanks. I'll check it out.
What's the gist and message?
I whole-heartedly disagree with the U.S.' willy-nilly distribution of arms. However, to imply that it increases the killing or is the cause of the conflicts is ignorant of human behavior and ignores some of the bloodiest African conflicts in recent history. The Rwandan genocide was carried out almost exclusively with blades that were in no way tied to the U.S. Nearly a million people hacked to death and U.S.A. arms were almost invisible. Mugabe's land grabs have also been...
I also know lots of Macbook and Macbook pro users, most that I know do use the drive often. DVD isn't dead, I'm not burning DVDs or creating media but there is still plenty to be consumed. Many of us don't have the means to replace our entire physical library with the latest and greatest platform. Some of us also haven't had the chance to buy and set up a digital media server so we can digitize everything. Things like that take time and money, both are precious...
I think the iPhone 4 is an attractive phone. I prefer to keep cases off and I'm certainly not alone. However, I don't think we are enough of a market to justify diversified colors beyond the black and now the white. That being said, if given a choice of another color to have for my caseless phone I would choose red. Even if attached to the project red campaign with a slight premium I'd likely go with that color over black.
The hotspot feature is all well and good but the Airplay update is just plain exciting. This is another step in allowing consumers more a la carte options in media consumption.
I really do. But every time I do a speed test in Chicago I get low speeds. A couple of minutes ago I got 0.29 mbps down and that is one of the higher numbers I have registered. Sometimes the speed registers at .01 or less despite plenty of bars and 3g indication. AT&T needs to beef it up where the people are.
Let's be honest, someone making $34,000 who also has kids is not paying much in taxes. More than likely after returns are filed this person is getting money back and basically has a zero tax burden. We have a very large portion of our society that pays no taxes at all. The greatest amount of revenue comes from our highest earners and it isn't even close. You may be right when talking about tax as a percent of income... but let's talk about it from a bottom line...
Testing must have skipped over downtown Chicago. Service here is terrible. hit and miss every few seconds. I loved AT&T when living in Salt Lake City but here in Chicago I'm constantly looking for a wifi hotspot.
However, with Apple gaining market share it wouldn't surprise me to see a few more problems here or there. Plus, with the occasional need I have to run Windows I have picked up a couple of minor bugs that this program picked up and got rid of. I just don't want to shell out for one of the big Windowscompatible programs when I use it so infrequently.
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