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Typically this company provides anti virus solutions in enterprise situations. Anybody with experience using their products for home applications? I'm giving this a go to see how it does. The price is right and the brand has some recognition. I shy a way from some of the open source products on the market but would be interested in how this compares. http://www.sophos.com/products/free-...ac-anti-virus/
It will be interesting to see how the Verizon data plans shake out. I have stayed with my grandfathered, unlimited data plan and will probably keep it as long as possible. I'd occasionally go over the offered limited plans and if by some miracle Facetime is offered over 3g someday (pipe dream, I know) I'd probably be over the limited plans monthly.
It depends on where the drink is being bottled. Sugar is used in many countries for Pepsi and Coke products. It is the reason that many people prefer the drinks bottled in South America rather than in the US.
your typical usage onto millions of others that do not fit your usage category. It clearly is not a bad business decision as the bulk of the batteries that do need replacing will occur well after Apple is footing the bill. I also don't think the problem is all that widespread. It affect some power users but for the most part people manage fine with the juice they have.
Let me correct the math for you. $8,000 per is way too high for this estimate. We realistically can assume that the bulk of these part-timers are single so Apple isn't taking on too many families and dependents here. A high estimate for average monthly premium (this is assuming HMO coverage in each market with stores) would be $350... That is $4,200 per year per employee electing coverage. So max output is $41,580,000 instead of the $80 million. Of course, not everyone...
Some years ago the government became concerned about the overwhelming stats on who was being denied mortgages. They changed some laws and mandates that required FNMA and FDMC to find ways to get more of the lower socio-economic classes into homes. That is what opened up the flood gates of easy lending and "cheap" money. It was a huge concern during a part of the Bush years but any attempt to change it was rebuffed by the same congressional leaders who are now saying the...
Apparently Apple didn't get the memo about the world being in a recession.
The second paragraph indicates we are looking at far more than a simple "tweak". Back to the drawing board would be the first contradiction.
Often companies search for redundancy that would be a backup in case of disaster. A disaster striking in CA and possibly shutting down facilities and infrastructure would almost certainly not affect North Carolina and visa versa. This farm not only increases Apple's capacity but also creates more redundancy. This is very common in banking and other record heavy industries, backups and servers are maintained at two or more sites in case of failure specific to location.
Kathy Lee Gifford and Nike were contracting with companies running sweat shops... essentially pennies a day, child labor, dark basements and 7 days per week for 10-14 hours per day. Wintek's situation is unpaid overtime (but still union negotiated wages) and labor reductions without notice (and I assume without severance). These two situations are not the same. Both are unethical but on a degree of morality they don't rate even remotely similar. Be encouraged by the fact...
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