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This is right on. I don't want to go through the hassle of making my phone work (though without full functionality) on some other network. It is worth it to me to let AT&T and Apple charge me a bit more money for everything to work seamlessly. It is about opportunity costs. For every hour I spend troubleshooting by jailbroken phone I am walking away from $200 of potential revenue. I'll take the slightly higher monthly premiums thank you.
I'm willing to bet that AT&T is actually going to begin advertising their lower cost plan already in place as an option. Currently they don't offer it unless you ask for it. It is their 550 minute tier and I have it on my phone. Between that plan and the reductions offered through my employer my wife and I each have an iPhone and we are paying $125 per month for the talk time, data, unlimited text, etc. So a reduction... I doubt it. Just a wider availablility of this...
So from a use standpoint... If I have all of my music, movies, photos digitially stored and want to access them from a few different desktops, a laptop, and a couple of flat screens through the house would I be better off setting up an xserve with loads of storage capacity or just run the Mac Mini route with some solid server grade externals. I'd also like to tie in to a home sound system if possible. Whichever I do I'd have the server machine in the basement with...
Combine this with some of the wireless and dockless charging patents out there and Apple may be on the precipice of another breakthrough. It may be totally out there but if Apple could figure out proximity charging and a smart management system it would cut lots of wire clutter that we all would love to get rid of.
Tim was asked about how Apple would maintain it's position in the market in general. After he gave his answer about defending intellectual property an analyst asked if he was referring to the Pre. He specifically said he was not referring to any particular company or product so of course the analysts had reason to run with it and say "Apple is challenging Palm in court."
on earnings and rumors aren't flying about a new product for January. It will be interesting to see if Apple initiates some sort of buyback to help stock prices regain some losses or at least steady the stock some more (relative to impatient investors perspective). I doubt they'll do anything but they are one of the few companies in a great position to add value to their stockholders investment during this down time.
I can see them progressing similar to how you outlined in your prediction. Now can you give me the line on the Chargers game this weekend? Perhaps we can make some cash with your prognosticating.
I also don't see it totally replacing the on-campus model entirely, but it is a growing model and will open educational opportunities to people around the world. To your point of its success... many people can learn that way. When done right, and with the right technology (enter Apple) there are many who can benefit from the availability of distance programs. I've seen a few statistics that show at the top Universities the distance students are just as competitive and many...
Ahhh USF, the beneficiary of location, a crappy conference who desperately needed 8 teams, and some voters' goodwill. Just had to rib you. My undergrad alma mater is sitting at 15 right now and my grad school (ranked #1 in its field) doesn't even have a football team, let alone a team to get excited about. Oh yeah, Apple forum. I have been holding off my laptop purchase in anticipation of the new releases. Hopefully my wait will be rewarded. Right now I am plugging along...
Is there a way to filter explicit videos in youtube without disabling the youtube app altogether. Perhaps a third-party has an app I can install or a plugin off some sort? I will happily read useful replies and the "why the hell would you want to do that" replies.
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