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-Out of charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur, or pikachu -Also, what is your gender -And your school grade ( >college if this doesn't apply) Thanks! (This is for an AP Statistics project)
It's a bit of an odd question, but is there somewhere I can purchase just the packaging (and maybe even manuals) of various Apple products? I think that the packaging is absolutely amazing, especially in the newer products. Searching on eBay hasn't returned any results, but does anyone know where I could buy this? Or maybe some people have some packaging they'd like to sell? Thanks.
Is there any application that would let you turn your personal computer into a small private torrent tracker, so not as to have to rely on some website? This is not for any illegal activity, it's being used to offer an alternative way to download files for my school newspaper across my campus.
Is it possible to get the iPhone 3g from AT&T without the data plan and only the $39.99 voice plan? Has anyone been able to do that?
2G - $1540 cheapest plan/phone -Will probably go down to about 100/200 dollars on ebay and such -Aluminum Back -2G speeds -$60 plan -2.0 software 3G - $1879 cheapest plan/phone -$199 or 299 -Better speakers? -Shiny Black or White back -3G speeds -GPS -$70 plan -2.0 software I dont know how much I'd use the two main improvements (GPS and 3G), so would it be better to get the old 2G iphone after its prices go down?
So my high school (while being tech-related school) is too cheap to upgrade the computers. So the newspaper club got this old PowerMac G4 with 10.2 Jaguar on it. We had been working on my personal computer on Pages '08 for the newspaper, but we found out we weren't allowed to bring in personal computers. So they gave us this cheap PowerMac with a 450 MHz G4 Processor, with 1 gb of RAM and 10.2 Jaguar. We aren't allowed to install the new operating systems (even if we...
The SDK comes with an iPhone simulator to test out your apps. On the top left, where it should say AT&T (or T-Mobile if you hacked it) it only says "Carrier". Is this hinting at apple opening up to other carriers, because if not, wouldn't they just put AT&T there?
Well, was 7 dollars worth waiting this long... It still hasn't even shipped from Amazon.
I would like to know what everybody thinks about pre-ordering from Apple or Amazon. I mean both have their advantages and disadvantages Apple Price: $116 (I have student discount , even though its less...) Amazon Price: $109 Both are free shipping. With Apple, you're ordering it directly from them, while Amazon, you have to go through someone else, which seems worse to me... Is 7 dollars worth going w/ Amazon, or does the Apple 'touch' out way it?
The latest address book no longer does this... Is there anything else that can? Even 3rd party. I tried that BluePhoneElite, but it doesn't work for me. Thanks.
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