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Agreed but we both know that won't happen over night, plus in the short term there will most likely be new subscribers to replace the ones who left. Should Spotify (and I am just using them as the example) every be reduced to zero subscribers there with almost certainty will have been something that replaced them which is providing the new revenue stream.
That is a fair and reasonable response. And it very may well be true for the short term, but I believe and again could be wrong, because Spotify and Pandora, Rdio etc, are ad supported they pay royalties no matter what. While yes if you have fewer listeners then revenue will go down I doubt it would change by much, and when it does the revenue stream will have switched to a different source. I view this the same as if I stopped listening to Spotify all together (which I...
I posted the same thing over at MacRumors so I apologize if anyone read it there first. Now I could be wrong but this is how I am understanding their complaint. The indie labels feel that if they don't get paid for the 3 months of free streaming service then they will be forced out of business. Now here is where I find fault with that logic. Apple currently does not have a streaming service where they are paying royalties so at the current moment they are receiving 0.00...
if you want small form factor with expandability yes.
With my original iPad mini occasionally on reboot it hangs on the Apple logo with a white bar. After somewhere between 15 - 20 min it loads and works normally. This might of been happening to other users.
Have you tried a complete restore and set up as a new phone? I also have a 5 (work supplied on the sh*t I mean sprint network). I haven't noticed any power drains. Battery life has been the same as far as I can tell.
Maybe it's just me, but I haven't yet updated my 2.3gz Quad i7 to the just released update and am still running the shipping version of 3.2 which came on my install media and the brightness control didn't work on it either. I can only assume this is an issue with 3.2 in general on the new systems and was not caused by the newest update.
While I have read just about all articles on the iphone the one I posted shows my personal feelings as to why this phone is not worth the hype. I myself was in my local apple store standing around a macbook with another apple associate watching the updates of the keynote and was very excited about the product. One key problem was that it is not open to all carriers which makes it difficult to like a product that is already selective on who may buy it and further...
I updated the chipset with the newest drivers from intel and updated the video drivers. Video seems to be working pretty well. hopefully I will not have anymore issues. going to try a DVD now.
i tried installing the intel drivers direct from intel and that did not solve the problem. haven't tried installing updated audio though. as for what type mostly diggnation and dl.tv both of which work and play just fine under macos, also happens when watching DVD's.
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