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2 years can seem like an eternity hey.
Huh? ewww
I'm sticking with what I want. Something about a free country. If you have a problem with that you're free to click ignore.
Maybe for you. For me it's cut & dry. It's obvious there's a display sealant issue.    There are plenty of other threads on other forums regarding the red screen of death. Those kind of issues usually are memory related. Try Google? Or maybe try other sites other than AI?
Yes it has. I only buy Apple btw. Pretty much an Apple 'fanboi' and have always defended Apple except for the Maps debacle. Quality has turned to shit. I'm not talking about design build etc but factory production issues. I actually saw a YT video about the display issue it when I was searching for "iPhone 6 vs 6 plus" reviews and thought nothing of it. I bought my first iP6 a while after seeing the video. When I was putting on the screen protector film and pushing down on...
I've had 2 unlocked black 128GB iPhone 6's in Japan recently. First one had that loose display issue where you could hear it click and see it move when you pushed down on the corner of the display. It's documented on Youtube. So I exchanged it for another one and got the red screen of death during restores that's also well documented. I ended up wanting a Plus anyway so returning the second 6 wasn't a big deal for me. Although there was no stock of unlocked 128GB pluses so...
I need to put a backup of the iTunes Media folder (my apps) and the Mobile Sync Backup folder (iPhone backup) on my Mac in Japan and put them on USB, copy them over to my Mac back home and restore a new iPhone 6 using that backup.    Will simply copying over these folders onto the new Mac and restoring from this backup work? I only have to authorize the new Mac right?
Oh no. 10.11,12,13 and so on? They can't do it forever! 10.111? Maybe OSX -> iOS I guess in the far future.
So close to OS XI I wonder what it's going to look like.
Yup, thanks to me, my girlfriend just jumped ship from Docomo to Softbank. Having an iPad, iPhone, MacMini and two MacBooks in my apt tends to influence people :)  Since Softbank has a promotion for people who ship and she paid cash for the iPhone she is only paying approx $30 USD / month for a brand new iPhone 5 with unlimited data. That's insanely cheap in Japan. I look at my contacts and about 70% are on SoftBank. These are all Japanese people too. The only ones...
New Posts  All Forums: