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I can't help but think that Ives could've designed something just as nice for a few tens of thousands.   People weren't complaining about the clock design with iOS 5 so why do they need a 21 million dollar clock design?    Regardless of how much they are willing to pay or how much $ they have, I just don't see this as a smart use of $.     Since they were sued everyone found out that it's an "iconic" design. Before that no one except for maybe a handful of...
Well if they end up finally losing the other billion dollar suit maybe Sammy will have to put a notice saying We did infringe.
Ok so unlink the accounts (delete biz page from personal page). Set up new biz page using a different email address. Gotcha.   Thanks
One moe thing You suggested to keep them separate (not linked). Well it would be just as easy to find me even if the accounts weren't linked. I don't see how it would be better to unlink them. Also it's easier to tell people in the personal page to LIKE the linked biz page no?
Thanks John Smith isn't my real name So, since I already linked the accounts by creating a business page from the personal page should I just delete that biz page? Logout of FB and create a separate biz page using a different email address? Can I use the same email address? Thanks
eg. I am John Smith. I run a company called Fun Designs.   

I was reading that in this case (because my name is not the business name i.e. Martha Stewart), it's best to use your private name for your private FB page and then maybe create a linked FB business page for your business. 

It doesn't have to be linked though. I personally have already created the business page via my personal page so in my case it is linked. Should I unlink it? Is that possible?

So Notes syncs across all my devices. Why do I need this? 
See, this is why Google needs/wants to be on iOS. Apple doesn't need Google. Google needs Apple and not for the reasons you're thinking of. Google can't afford to lose search engine competition to others like MS. It was always their plan to make an iOS app after being dumped by Apple. You aren't anything unless you're on iOS (for now at least).
  This must be new because they never had free tethering included before. That's why I never bothered to look at the new deals for the iPhone 5. I'll have to look into this as it is the only reason I JB. They used to screw you over and force you to buy a completely separate contract for your iPad. So you'd be paying two cell bills very month. I wonder what the point of putting a 7GB limit is. I don't think you're going to come close to that and if you do it wont be much...
I wonder what kind of coin this guy will be pulling in.
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