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See, this is why Google needs/wants to be on iOS. Apple doesn't need Google. Google needs Apple and not for the reasons you're thinking of. Google can't afford to lose search engine competition to others like MS. It was always their plan to make an iOS app after being dumped by Apple. You aren't anything unless you're on iOS (for now at least).
  This must be new because they never had free tethering included before. That's why I never bothered to look at the new deals for the iPhone 5. I'll have to look into this as it is the only reason I JB. They used to screw you over and force you to buy a completely separate contract for your iPad. So you'd be paying two cell bills very month. I wonder what the point of putting a 7GB limit is. I don't think you're going to come close to that and if you do it wont be much...
I wonder what kind of coin this guy will be pulling in.
The screen in the back says, "get ready for a kickoff".  I guess that was his cue.  
I can vouch for that because I found the tilt perspective by mistake while trying to zoom in lol   It's quite nice. 
Hmmm could be a genuine spelling error or done on purpose.    "From here on out" sounds like Apple.  Could be a cryptic message meaning "Hear it -> distribute it".  Maybe Logic X has some kind of social sharing additions and things like that.
Expect a downward spiral to APPL $500.00 because of this.
Or they could get their products taken out of China; the land of soon to be 2 billion people.
  Amazing, you guys finally understand.   It is sad and true that you'll never know what it's like to really enjoy a computer/mobile device unless you own an Apple product.    I commend you for your honesty and maturity.
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