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With a name like cocofashionlv (I'm guessing you're a Chanel/Louis Vuitton whore), you're embarrassing us here. Go away troll.
That's what my girlfriend said. I convinced her otherwise
grammer at it's best!
Unfortunately this ability is all SJ IMHO.
The market will bear what it can bear and the people decide that. Esthetics is a part of that value and therefore can make the price worth it in real value not intrinsic value. Apple's products aren't simply jacked up for the sake of psychological marketing. They have a design that to many people easily justify the price tag. Other people don't agree either because they don't care about design or don't like the design. Sales show that they are in the minority and probably...
Does anyone know what this technology is called? Who made it etc?
Downloaded iOS 5 for iPad2, iPhone 4 and Lion 10.7.2 for my MacBook and installed all within 2 hours. No errors and bugs on my devices. Hardly a beta. iOS 5 is firkin awesome. Started the download 5 minutes after Apple released it. Everyone in North America was sleeping so that's probably why I got it fast.I'll still have to JB though. Not because of lacking features but because the carriers here down't allow tethering.
What I'm most amazed about is how he did what he did while knowing his fate. It's one thing (an amazing thing) to do what he did in good health, but it's another to do it while knowing you're terminally ill. It really blows my mind. It humbles me to no end.
Troll. Welcome to the future. Ever heard of a (BSI) CMOS sensor?
"Samsung actually gave it to me, a little bit early. Yeah, it was cool. I got the Droid directly from them."
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